by far

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by a considerable margin

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The decision is in response to the decision of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to cancel the capital increment contributed by Far Eastern Group to the department store and agree the custodians to re-elect its board of directors and supervisors.
Canyon senior) Nini Loucks is the best player in the league by far, but considering Sarina's size it's amazing what she's able to do.
Thus, the outlooks for the two paper and board grades, which are by far the largest users of recovered fiber worldwide, are less buoyant.
We were amused by the recent GAO report where this shop bought $200 million worth of IT without getting more than one quote as required by FAR 8.
Instead, over the past four budget cycles Congress has managed to achieve substantial savings--enough to reduce the FY 1986 deficit by more than $160 billion (4 percent of GNP) from what it otherwise would have been and to reduce projected future deficits by far more.