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stock phrases that have become nonsense through endless repetition

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DUBAI: If there is one industry that loves its buzzwords, it is fashion, and right now "diversity" and "inclusion" are definitely trendy.
Using keywords and buzzwords effectively Check the skills, qualifications and experience required in the job ad for the keywords bosses are looking for - and demonstrate you have them.
The list is quite long, and the number of buzzwords used in a particular presentation is, often, directly proportional to the desperation of the presenter and inversely to the depth of the presentation.
Although difficult, it is always a good idea to try and stay away from these predicable buzzwords and to be yourself when writing CVs which will help you stand out from the crowd.
Dubai: Many jobseekers dress up their online profiles and CVs with buzzwords in order to sound cool and hire-worthy.
The Buzzwords data also reveals an increased use of 'leadership' in recent years, jumping in at number one in 2015's list and maintaining a presence in the top five ever since.
47% of marketers already consider Al to be overhyped, far more than other industry buzzwords.
David Whitby of Glassdoor said: "No one wants to be the office jargon junkie, but who isn't guilty of using some of these buzzwords from time to time?
The Creative Group, a staffing agency for marketing and creative professionals, recently asked 400 advertising and marketing executives to list the most overused and annoying buzzwords. The responses covered a lot of the usual suspects that made the office wall like "synergy" and "out of the box," as well as the equally noxious "out of pocket," "leverage" and "ideation." They also mentioned trite sayings like "take it to the next level" and "it is what it is." Even relatively harmless words like "amazing" and "innovative" made the list, likely because these adjectives have been used so frequently that they have lost all meaning.
A couple years ago, I created a list of seven overused buzzwords to avoid.
Whether it's a colleague speaking perplexing phrases in a meeting or a baffling corporate memo, the business buzzword blitz shows no sign of abating.
Hard-working families - A catch-all used to describe ordinary folk whose lives could ultimately be turned upside down depending on which party emerges victorious from the maelstrom of political doublespeak and buzzwords after Thursday's poll.
This month's issue touches on a lot of these buzzwords we heard over the course of three conferences.
While we all should be in harmonious synchronicity during this start-of-the-year mating dance, more often than not we instead become confused trying to understand the various buzzwords and catchphrases that each side of the negotiation throws at the other in order to impress.
Now that we're firmly into 2015, it's worth a renewed effort to avoid using these insidious buzzwords.