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stock phrases that have become nonsense through endless repetition

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True communicators have no need to resort to buzzwords.
It's hard to imagine life in the corporate world without buzzwords.
Wellington, Feb 9 (ANI): Kate Middleton is the top fashion buzzword for the upcoming fashion season that starts in New York on Thursday, according to a new survey.
Scalability is a very big buzzword in the industry.
But knowing some of the artful phrases and key marketing buzzwords that fly across the business landscape can undoubtedly offer you some 'office cred' in the right circles -- and they can help you get ahead of the game more quickly.
One of my worst worries is that many people use the term "diversity" as a nicer sounding buzzword.
NEW YORK -- "Advergaming," "Edutainment," "Infotainment" - all industry buzzwords to help describe trends within the field of Experience Marketing, a growing methodology in the advertising world for reaching consumers.
The session will also separate fact from fiction in vendor claims, discuss the top ten misstatements of network & systems management and explain current buzzwords such as ITIL, dependency mapping, and end-user experience monitoring.
Memorizing and Rehearsing Important Points and Buzzwords
Slow, steady growth and attention to detail are Dennis' buzzwords these days.
Teresa has spent her life studying the human body and how it responds to exercise, using "core strength" techniques and applications long before they became new fitness buzzwords.
Today DS S&OP is requested with every new installation as it delivers capabilities described by many of this year's buzzwords, including Enterprise Performance Management," Campbell said.
We also wanted to avoid the traps of getting caught up in the latest technology buzzwords.
com was acknowledged for its comprehensive information on successfully managing customer relationships, including key CRM industry buzzwords, in-depth features articles, news features, and case studies of CRM applications in action.
According to Hawthorne President Christine Sullivan, the buzzwords have shifted from e-commerce and e-learning to e-conomy.