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stock phrases that have become nonsense through endless repetition

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"First thing's first: it's good to know Mr Buzzword still has his Sky subscription and is keeping up with Scottish football from his living room.
Summary: Several so-called experts offer one-size-fits-all solutions to their clients' complicated troubles by hiding behind buzzwords and phrases.
Although difficult, it is always a good idea to try and stay away from these predicable buzzwords and to be yourself when writing CVs which will help you stand out from the crowd.
Some buzzwords are just overused that recruiters have gotten tired of reading them.
Summary: LinkedIn's annual list of Buzzwords reveals that professionals in the UAE are highlighting skills and experience over personal strengths.
And that led James Sudakow, a talent management consultant and fellow buzzword loather, to do something bold: He gave up.
These and other buzzwords such as Villagate, red line and austerity have become part of an alternative political language in a campaign driven by soundbites and social media like never before.
This month's issue touches on a lot of these buzzwords we heard over the course of three conferences.
And hug it we should, for retail is not just any buzzword, it is ultimately the end result of all our efforts and the place where judge- ment day awaits.
While we all should be in harmonious synchronicity during this start-of-the-year mating dance, more often than not we instead become confused trying to understand the various buzzwords and catchphrases that each side of the negotiation throws at the other in order to impress.
Now that we're firmly into 2015, it's worth a renewed effort to avoid using these insidious buzzwords.
The number one most overused buzzword in LinkedIn Profiles globally as well as in UAE is "responsible."
"Creative" is the most overused buzzword in LinkedIn profiles in Australia, the social networking site said, followed by "effective", "motivated" and "extensive experience," reported.
The first, thing we noticed as a measure of the theme's crossover from the business and corporate sector to the arts world was that ubiquitous buzzword, showing up in course descriptions and job titles in fine arts departments at colleges and universities across the country: Students were lining up, we heard, for Arizona State University of Tempe's new WA theatre concentration in arts entrepreneurship and management; in Texas, Southern Methodist University now sports a division of arts management and arts entrepreneurship; the University of Iowa bestows upon select graduates a performing arts entrepreneurship certificate; North Carolina's Wake Forest College emphasizes interdisciplinary entrepreneurship.
With chapters such as "How HR ruined your life" and "The buzzword wars", Philips talks for a generation of people who want a bit of straight talking.