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Synonyms for buzzer

a push button at an outer door that gives a ringing or buzzing signal when pushed

a signaling device that makes a buzzing sound

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The Golden Buzzer was established in the ninth season of the show where each judge can automatically move a contestant to the live show.
The Golden Buzzer is pressed by a judge or host when they decide they want a particular audition to go straight through to the live shows.
8 -- Breakfast -- Cherry frudel; Lunch -- Mexican pizza, chicken vege salad, fish sticks, buzzer beater basket, baked beans/baby carrots, fresh fruit/juice, milk
Robin Vale reached the 10 fish catch and release limit using buzzers and egg flies and Phil Lowe also recorded a limit when he used buzzers and cat's whiskers while it was a damsel nymph that was responsible for the 10 returned by John Burton.
After all, Green and Tam were also golden buzzer recipients just like Harvey and Manuel. 
Evening rises proved interesting with dries taking fish as well as buzzers. M Proudfoot caught 19 and 13 on his two visits.
Witton Castle: Black Diawl Bach, Black Buzzers, Damsels.
Thirty-one (88.5%) of the instructors found the level of chaos in the game acceptable, while 28 (80.0%) instructors found the use of buzzers in the game acceptable.
However, the buzzer at 3/18 Via San Polo remained uncooperative.
I will say this - the secret of my success is my buzzer technique.
The bright sun slowed the fishing down but a few were still caught including Alan Smith getting a 10lber, the biggest fish of the week, on a black and red buzzer.
A 10-year-old Filipina singer advanced to the semifinals of 'Asia's Got Talent' on Thursday after receiving the Golden Buzzer from judge David Foster with her performance.
Ali Jaber pressed the "Arabs Got Talent" golden buzzer after the amazing performance of the "Gallhum" Gymnastics team from Egypt, in the first episode of season 6 of 'Arab's Got Talent.'
Ken Bowring reached the limit on two visits using a black buzzer and a buzzer worked for Shaun Cotterell with eight and six rainbows on his two visits.