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Synonyms for buzzer

a push button at an outer door that gives a ringing or buzzing signal when pushed

a signaling device that makes a buzzing sound

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Glen Appleby landed 28 trout on Bloodworm and Buzzers while P Blenkin caught 16 on various dries and Shipman's Buzzers.
Knitsley Mill: White Fritz, Black Fritz, Amber Bloodworm, Black Buzzers, various dry flies.
NAWORTH TROUT FISHERY 07831 862863 / CA82QS Buzzers were the best bet this week with trout keen to take them on the drift and retrieved.
Best method a floating line and a dark PT, Damsel or buzzer pattern.
J Barnes from Guidepost released 16 fish in an eight-hour session mainly to Buzzers including trout of 8lb and 6lb.
West House: Beetles, Shipman''s Buzzers, Daddies, CdC, F Fly, Buzzers, Sedge.
Sharpley: Nymph/Olive Buzzers, Olive Shuttlecock, Hare's Ear Emerger, Gold-Ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph, Foam Beetle, Daddies, Caenis dun/spinner, Invicta, CdC Sedge, Damsel Sedge, Gnat.
The two top rods of the week were N Foster with 65 to 7lb on Buzzers and M Proudfoot with 63 to 9lb on Buzzers.
The deal includes Monster Offers' purchase of a 10% equity stake in Iconosys along with assets relating to 3 popular deal/shopping brands; Black Flyday (TM), Deal Buzzer (TM), and My Shopping Circle (TM), in exchange for cancellation of $500,000.
After the final buzzer, as the teams met on the court to exchange congratulations, Robert Horry walked straight to the tunnel - the only member of this rivalry to lose this series two consecutive years.
A GREAT START to Grafham Water's new season saw plenty of over- wintered fish showing to the floating line and buzzer approach.
Some of the biggest fish in the loch go on the feed during the first buzzer rises of the season.
com), the world-leading innovator in electronics and the largest global supplier of ceramic passive components, today introduced the first Surface Mount Device (SMD) piezoelectric buzzer for use in automotive applications (-40 to +85C).
The Wicked White Buzzer has been the most productive pattern with Black also effective.
Sharpley: Black /Red Buzzer, Pinky, Black Nymph, Marabou Bloodworm, Black Foamhead Emerger, Minky, Black/Green Nomad, Black Beetle, Hare's Ear, Pheasant Tail Nymph South Linden: Black Zonker, Black Cats, Buzzer, Viva, Ace of Spades, Black Buzzers.