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stock phrases that have become nonsense through endless repetition

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Without an overarching strategy and plan for tourism development opportunities, and the economy built upon them, ecotourism will remain a mere buzz word for articles and social media posts.
Right now, that's the buzz word but in terms of details, in terms breadth, in terms of lawak (scope), gaano kalawak ba itong independent foreign policy, we have to know that,' Gatchalian said.
Julien may have been swept off the Strictly dancefloor but with "barely there" the current buzz word in red carpet dresses, the Welshman is having quite the fashion moment.
Now that health fanatics have got hold of its incredible nutritional facts, this wonder wheat is the new buzz word for diet conscious individuals too as it contains no fat, no sugar, is low carb and has a low GI too making it the perfect option for diabetics and slimmers alike.
The Twitter flirting of Miss Universe 1st runner-up Janine Tugonon, which led to her break up with her ordinary looking Filipino boyfriend Jaypee Santos, has led creative minds to use her name as a figure of speech or buzz word to mean dumping a boyfriend.
The buzz word has been "relaxed" and Andy Murray insists that's one thing he's not.
"From there, put Chinese passengers on a connecting flight operated by say JetBlue or Southwest or American Eagle." Chinese tourism in The Bahamas and region at large has served as a persistent buzz word among tourism officials;
WICHITA -- As film is becoming more and more of a buzz word in Wichita, CityArts hasn't missed a beat.
But now it seems the Spanish may be ready to share it with the rest of us..." Sustainable Technology Sustainability is the buzz word and a critical consideration for every successful business.
THE latest buzz word "credit crunch" seems an endless echo.
Building on the work of strategy guru Gary Hamel, this guide shows organizations how to move innovation from a buzz word to a core competency.
The author of this book points out that critical thinking is often used as a buzz word. However the capacity to focus thinking, or critical thinking, is vital to get the results required and keep patients safe.
"My buzz word for the next year is ruthless," said Draper.
* "I'm not an abbreviation; I'm not a buzz word. If the abbreviations ate just tricks to get straight people to accidentally support us because they get confused, I don't need that kind of support."
To borrow a buzz word from the national education debate, it lacks "intelligent design." It is fraught with evil intentions.