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a power saw that has a steel disk with cutting teeth on the periphery

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As I sat there, agonizing, the sound of the buzz saw got louder--and, suddenly, my conundrum was solved.
Regarding "Benedict to step into buzz saw of dissent during upcoming UK visit" (NCR, Sept.
Earlier he remarked that reform had run into "a little bit of a buzz saw," in Brown's victory, attributing it to "special interests and armies of lobbyists and partisan politics."
His hits included Rainforest (1968), with a set designed by Andy Warhol that consisted of giant helium-filled silver pillows, and Winterbranch was a piece based on the theme of falling, with a buzz saw soundtrack by La Monte Young; Crises meanwhile had the dancers bound by giant elastic bands.
His ability to "buzz saw" through the opposing lineup earned him his nickname.
Heard Torchwood's replication of the Cardiff buzz saw lately?
Barack Obama ran into a buzz saw following a speech in San Antonio, the day before the big and potentially pivotal primaries in Texas and Ohio.
Christopher Shays of Connecticut, who was correctly identified as "one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress." The Times story noted that Shays made an abrupt about-face on the issue after repeatedly running into a buzz saw at meetings in his district.
He's heading to that buzz saw, better known as the American Red Cross, where he'll be vice president of governmental relations and public policy.
The Tin Man (who looks like a walking boiler) has rocket boots and a buzz saw instead of an axe; and Dorothy looks more like a country girl, wearing pants, a jacket and wristbands with stars on them.
Bush's desire to radically restructure the tax system by shifting taxes from income to consumption could also run into a bipartisan buzz saw. The details will not be unveiled until fall, when a presidential commission is due to report.
A source in Nairobi told Church of England Newspaper the bishops "stepped into a buzz saw." The delegation was told that the U.S.
However, if you did this, you could very well run into a buzz saw created by the Defense Contract Audit Agency, the group charged with auditing contracts engaged in by the Department of Defense.
Helmer Howard Deutch said he learned from "Grumpier Old Men" that "you can run into a buzz saw" when releasing a dialogue-driven comedy overseas.
While the first album was a gut wrenching whirlwind of angst and rage set to buzz saw guitars and snarls, this one sounds like a half-arsed strumalong around the campfire.