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stock phrases that have become nonsense through endless repetition

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Voice recognition-based technology would aid troops and civilians in high risk situations by translating buzz phrases such as "don't shoot", "stay back" and "help will be here soon".
YOB culture seems to be one of the politicians' buzz phrases at the moment.
"Those who work in the financial aid world are accustomed to the buzz phrases and acronyms that we all know--EFC, FAFSA, and so on--but there's often a need for parents to have someone to whom they can say, 'Can you go back and explain that again in English?'"
One of the current buzz phrases going around the last couple of years is "better, faster, cheaper." As professional contract managers, we are challenged to provide the business management expertise to make "better, faster, cheaper" come true.
buzz phrases that you read about almost every day and eventually cease to have any meaning in market terms because everyone has an opinion.
One of the buzz phrases amongst European OEMs at the moment is Advanced (or Adaptive) Front-lighting System (AFS) in which the key parameters are road run, road type, weather conditions, and driver requirements.
* Consider these buzz phrases: "community outreach," "technology centered," "enhance a community's way of life," and "provide diverse opportunities for communities."
It's not clear what the real news is, but it is clear the company loves buzzwords and buzz phrases. An excerpt:
NOT before time ridiculous ''buzz phrases'' like ''Let's get our ducks in a row'' have been condemned as meaningless waffle by recruitment agency STOPGAP, who have pinpointed the Top 20 worst business cliches.
One of the loudest buzz phrases in the computer industry today is "Enterprise Information Portal" (EIP).