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stock phrases that have become nonsense through endless repetition

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Thinking "outside the box" has dominated our perceptions of creativity ever since the buzz phrase surfaced in the late 1960s or early 1970s.
Inclusive growth, which has become a buzz phrase among economists, is a favorable situation wherein a growing economy is actually helping lift people out of poverty.
His Structure of Scientific Revolutions, published 50 years ago, did much more than add a buzz phrase to the language.
At the dawn of the twenty-first century, however, "soft power" has become a buzz phrase. U.S.-Japanese cultural exports now include 7-Eleven and Ichiro Suzuki.
'Managing expectations' is the buzz phrase around the Wembley offices.
Sure, procedures at personnel committees, or whatever the current buzz phrase is, need to remain confidential in some cases, but I'm not sure about the opportunity to hide behind commercial confidentiality - whatever that is?
With all the hype about the social networking arena, it is easy to dismiss a new buzz phrase like f-commerce as another unnecessary distraction from the real business of brand recognition, and even more importantly, sales.
Coleraine 2 Donegal Celtic 0 BOUNCEBACkABILITY is the buzz phrase Oran kearney's been bandying around.
'committed to right gets board revolution' Localism is another buzz phrase, suggesting that people will be able to decide the future of their own localities, perhaps by local consultation.
A BUZZ phrase quickly grew up during the austere war years - Make Do And Mend.
But 'work in progress' is still very much the buzz phrase at this stage and Boothroyd remains confident that the goals will come.
'Social networking' is not just a buzz phrase; it is a true revolution where people interact with family and friends throughout the day on a variety of devices and topics.
The new buzz phrase in the world of soft drinks is ' niche beverages' and it gained currency after Coca- Cola and Pepsi recently entered the Brazilian market with packaged coconut water.
Social networking is the new communications buzz phrase, but in Maryland they didn't think much of it.
Jon also breaks open the myth of common ground, a buzz phrase in Washington that reflects a desire to be popular and have lots of friends, but is in reality an abrogation of leadership and a rejection of political principles.