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leave immediately

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Buzz Off retains its insect-repellent characteristics through at least 25 washings, the company says.
Greensboro, NC-based Buzz Off Insect Shield LLC's Insect Repellant Apparel uses permethrin, a synthetic version of a repellent that occurs naturally in chrysanthemums, which is tightly bound into the garment, creating an invisible and odorless protective barrier around the wearer.
No matter who's got you all in a tizzy, sometimes you just want to blow a gasket and tell them all to just buzz off. But wait--there really is a better way....
Model aircraft enthusiasts have been told to 'buzz off' by householders living near a Birmingham park because of the irritating noise of their aeroplane engines.
For motorists too timid to tell cops to buzz off, Don Ramsell has a product for you.
That's exactly what Steve Crescenzo does in his article "Buzz Off" on page 12.
As they hear their boss tell them they're fired or a lover advising them to buzz off, the risk of an accident increases fourfold, according to a study published by The New England Journal of Medicine.
Get round to agreeing a figure, allow Watford to take the high moral ground and then let the whole thing buzz off.
Despite being totally sober, he followed this with "stupid c***s, f***g kn*b, p*nis, w*nker.." One officer was told "buzz off you boring c**t".
Letter Every Saturday during the week your full name Now, when it seems that the SNP Government in Holyrood could use the devolved powers given to them in 2016 to make interim payments to these women, she tells them to buzz off.
Still, maybe Labour's new national approach will trickle down and councillors will feel compelled to buzz off to a party to which they are more ideologically suited.
| Burnley might be flying Tha the high in the Championship but their mascot Bertie the Bee was told to buzz off to the stand during Saturday's game with QPR for handing the linesman a pair of glasses.
Dolau Primary School, Llanharan, Pontyclun, has joined forces with students from Bridgend College to compose and produce an original hip-hop song that outlines why we should all ensure the bee does not "buzz off" from planet Earth.
He went on: "Some chemical barons are lobbying hard to keep selling this poison so we need to put massive pressure on America and the European Union to tell them to buzz off and ban the killer chemicals.
"It's a psychological test, a physical test, a technical test, and that's what we buzz off. We buzz off a real challenge.