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leave immediately

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The original development of the product came from a need in the United States Armed Forces, and after seven years of testing, Buzz Off is now EPA-approved and entering the commercial market.
Buzz Off partnered with The Orvis Company, Manchester, VT, and Ex Officio of Seattle, WA, to create outdoor clothing.
One of those organizations is Live Talkback, which developed the Buzz Off game for "Britain's Got Talent," Simon Cowell's TV show watched by more than 10-million viewers a week.
The makers say if you're having a picnic, relaxing in your garden or camping, then hang this fake wasps' nest close by and the little pests will think it's a real colony and buzz off elsewhere.
Still, maybe Labour's new national approach will trickle down and councillors will feel compelled to buzz off to a party to which they are more ideologically suited.
Who will the judges roll their eyes and buzz off, and which acts will be lucky enough to get through to the live rounds?
He went on: "Some chemical barons are lobbying hard to keep selling this poison so we need to put massive pressure on America and the European Union to tell them to buzz off and ban the killer chemicals.
Haye's trainer, Adam Booth, added: "It's a psychological test, a physical test, a technical test, and that's what we buzz off.
Buzz off to jail A MOSQUITO repellent manufacturer faces six months in jail - for breeding the bugs.
I READ with great interest the Buzz Off story in Saturday's Examiner.
All three companies use a patent-pending bonding process developed by Buzz Off Insect Shield of Greensboro, N.
Buzz Off Brings Aboard Former ExOfficio President Rick Hemmerling And Other Experienced Apparel Industry Executives to Help Develop New Initiatives
I see people tweet me who I've watched for years and I get a buzz off it.
SCOTLAND JUNE 25-JULY 1: Buzz off to Edinburgh Zoo for its National Insect Week celebrations.
I buzz off that atmosphere, whether they are for you or against you.