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a small jet-propelled winged missile that carries a bomb

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Since we weren't the target of the "tractor-roar" buzz bomb, why did it bother us?
The V stood for Vergeltungwaffe (German for Retribution Weapon) and the rockets - also known as buzz bombs The V2 raids went on until March 1945, in the closing phases of the war, when the launch sites were captured by Allied forces.
During the invasion of France, additional damage was caused by the German V-2 rockets, also called buzz bombs, hurled against England from coastal ports in Belgium.
For those of us who remember long days dibbling potatoes and dodging buzz bombs in the Land Army, this volume is a much needed tribute to another 'Forgotten Army,' uniquely feminine.
As the ultimate form of resistance, they resorted to sabotage whenever the opportunity arose, as it did for Jonny in a camp that produced buzz bombs and rockets.
In October 1944 Rod was based at Celle, northeast of Hannover, after Kampfgeschwader 100--with its He 177s and Dornier 217s, equipped with remote-controlled glide and buzz bombs, and amour-piercing anti-shipping bombs-had been disbanded because German priorities were now shifting to home defence.
Engelman's account here--recollections of constantly buzzing buzz bombs, freezing-cold latrines, arrogant German POWs, wounded GIs on morphine, and other experiences from 1944 and 1945--is adapted from her memoir Mission Accomplished: Stop the Clock (2008).
Before crossing, each truckload of nurses would stop at the bridge while the driver got out to scan the sky for any incoming buzz bombs, and if none were in sight, he'd hop back into the truck and head over that bridge as fast as possible.
There were a lot of buzz bombs and we were strafed on Christmas Eve," Mrs.
I haven't done much during the past few days but watch Buzz Bombs (pilotless planes).
Went to a movie tonight and saw pictures of the Buzz Bomb damage in London (News Reel).
She looked forward to going to London, but the buzz bombs raining on the already damaged city scared her when she got there.
Imagine, too, the irony that must have struck service personnel fighting in Europe, to celebrate the ancient Jewish or Christian holidays amid rubble, with the whine of buzz bombs in the air, and to see children who were deprived of the safety, nurture, and fun of childhood.