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a small jet-propelled winged missile that carries a bomb

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The V stood for Vergeltungwaffe (German for Retribution Weapon) and the rockets - also known as buzz bombs The V2 raids went on until March 1945, in the closing phases of the war, when the launch sites were captured by Allied forces.
With the help of MP3 they can hear the sounds of the buzz bombs flying overhead and feel the anxiety when the haunting sound of the air-raid siren bellows along the corridors.
They have existed since the Germans fired the V-1 buzz bombs at London in World War II.
In July 1944, one month after Germany began launching its V-1 Buzz Bombs against England, Materiel Command obtained parts of the weapon from the battlefields and within two weeks succeeded in copying the V-l's pulse jet engine.
Sutherland's highly believable descriptions of buzz bombs were written from first-hand observation.
War Room typist Joy Hunter said: "When we were there thinking about the bombing and the buzz bombs I always felt completely safe.