buzz bomb

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a small jet-propelled winged missile that carries a bomb

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There had been a direct hit from a buzz bomb, a V1 rocket.
No fires [permitted], combat patrols, laying mines, outpost sentry duty, cold food, perpetual snow and the encroachment of trench foot, buzz bombs ran a shuttle every 15 minutes at night over our C.P.
There is also the Auntie Kathleen, a veritable little buzz bomb behind the bar full of the Blarney and good cheer who was a licensee herself for over 30 years.
Besides the multipack novelties that will be offered through retail outlets, Wells' Dairy is also rolling out a line of Disney single serve frozen novelties that includes Buzz Bomb Pops, Goofy Scoop cones, Mike Cherry Bars, and Mickey Mouse Fudge Bars.
29, 1944 working on Antwerp, Belgium docks when a V-2 buzz bomb fail on platoon--James B.
But then--if you are looking for possible switches of fate--what would have happened in 1944 if the buzz bomb that so narrowly missed the New Theatre in St.
8 ALI PRICE Growing as an international scrum-half and his 'buzz bomb' style gets the crowd on their feet.
The V-1 was a buzz bomb (or flying bomb or doodlebug), the V-2 a rocket; what was the V-3?
The V-l pulse jet, or buzz bomb, seen here represents more than 20,000 that were launched against London and other cities in Europe.
BUZZ BOMB J Hartley may feature for the Wasps today
Toyota is about to change many people's thinking surrounding its value with this brilliant buzz bomb.
The buzz bomb single Love Lockdown introduced this album's twin sonic devices - Kanye's new-found love for auto-tune vocals and the ominous but supple sound of the 808 drum machine.
When, towards the end of Evensong, a parish in Stratford Upon Avon, in which is the tomb of Shakespeare, was struck, there was an explosion described as like a "buzz bomb".
Mexico hit this World Cup like a mighty atom and that buzz bomb approach was summed up by Villarreal's Javier Aquino, who shifts through the gears like a Ferrari.
I Was There, "Nurse at the Battle of the Bulge"--The term "buzz bomb" referred to the German V-l only, rather than to the V-1 and V-2.