buzz bomb

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a small jet-propelled winged missile that carries a bomb

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No fires [permitted], combat patrols, laying mines, outpost sentry duty, cold food, perpetual snow and the encroachment of trench foot, buzz bombs ran a shuttle every 15 minutes at night over our C.
The V-1 was a buzz bomb (or flying bomb or doodlebug), the V-2 a rocket; what was the V-3?
Mexico hit this World Cup like a mighty atom and that buzz bomb approach was summed up by Villarreal's Javier Aquino, who shifts through the gears like a Ferrari.
The V-l pulse jet, or buzz bomb, seen here represents more than 20,000 that were launched against London and other cities in Europe.
Little Buzz Bomb twice brought down inside box but no penalty.
The buzz bomb single Love Lockdown introduced this album's twin sonic devices - Kanye's new-found love for auto-tune vocals and the ominous but supple sound of the 808 drum machine.
Saturday's events feature Altamont's popular Spec Motor Modified and Buzz Bomb divisions, an open Figure 8 competition, and a special motorcycle stunt show.
A buzz bomb was a slang term for which Second World War weapon?
He has been a buzz bomb on the training ground as well.
On Saturday May 6, racing action will feature the West Car, Buzz Bomb, Pro Truck and Spec Motor Modified Divisions.
Commuting daily or nightly from our quarters in Liege was of a nightmarish quality, as buildings all around us were collapsing from buzz bomb hits, and crews were digging for bodies in the debris that was once a house or occupied building.
This is a clever piece of kit, and Toyota are about to change many motorists' thinking on small cars with this brilliant little buzz bomb.
They've turned genre hopping into a fine art, covering cod psychedelia (No Other Way), Cockney knees-up (Parklife), electro pop anthem (Girls And Boys), grunge buzz bomb (Song 2) and slacker gospel (Tender).
He'd be a great buy for Walter Smith because Kenny would be the buzz bomb the team's looking for.