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acquisition of a company by purchasing a controlling percentage of its stock

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The Insider Buyout Proposal made by the controlling shareholders of the company and certain other insiders (collectively, the "Controlling Insiders") is not reflective of the fair value of the company's common shares.
The Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, chain requires salary employees looking to take the buyout to show how the elimination of their role will make the company more efficient through redistribution of responsibilities or automation, the news outlet said.
The Nature Conservancy and Texas A&M University study says a clustering of buyout properties can still be cost effective for communities and has the added benefit of nearby green spaces, like parks and protected areas.
"We believe there is an underserved niche in representing tenants who want and may benefit from a lease buyout," he said.
General Motors (NYSE: GM), a United States-based automaker, has extended a voluntary buyout to around 18,000 of its salaried employees in North America, Automotive News has reported.
Despite the obvious need and high demand, Harris County is plagued by challenges endemic to buyout programs: limited funds, competing priorities, strict criteria that place buyouts out of reach of willing participants, and the snail's pace of bureaucracy, which puts homeowners in limbo while creating opportunities for private developers to buy and flip flooded homes, perpetuating the problem.
is the second largest buyout market worldwide, and unlike U.S.
The aim of managers at the heart of any buyout is to enhance the value of the company they're acquiring as rapidly as possible in order to maximise returns to shareholders.
Part of the first-quarter momentum comes from the fact that pension buyouts are moving down-market-and, with so much demand in the buyout market, sponsors and providers can no longer always time these big-ticket events to coincide with the end of a calendar or fiscal year.
Buyout agreements should be part of the initial documents when people start a company together, say Laurence and Mancuso, because it sets out in advance the rights of each owner if someone wants or needs to leave the business.
"Each year, despite varying financial conditions, broadly 150 to 200 sponsoring employers, trustees and their advisers conclude that a buy-in or buyout is the best way to manage at least some of their defined benefit pension obligations in the UK.
Private equity-backed buyout deals globally declined sharply in the first quarter, falling to 874 deals worth $44 billion from 962 deals worth $137 billion in the fourth quarter, a post-financial crisis high, alternatives data provider Preqin reported Monday.
RIGA -- The voluntary buyout offer for shares in Latvijas Balzams distillery made by the company's largest shareholder, Amber Beverage Group, has ended without a result, according to the statement submitted to the Nasdaq Riga stock exchange.
This paper analyzes exit strategies of buyout funds in portfolio companies following initial public offerings (IPOs).