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acquisition of a company by purchasing a controlling percentage of its stock

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They all point, say the analysts, to the prospect of a buyout spree.
In contrast, management buyouts succeed 80 percent of the time.
To a Lane County worker contemplating retirement or a move to a new job in the next few years, the buyouts approved Tuesday by the Board of Commissioners look sweet: about six weeks' pay, plus $500 for every year of employment.
Ford, the nation's second-largest car company, will be offering its buyout to 98,000 retirees and former employees as it seeks to reduce its $74 billion pension obligation.
The region's private equity buyout value figure of pounds 281m was swelled by Lloyds TSB Development Capital's exit from Newcastle-based Aesica Pharmaceuticals for more than pounds 100m.
Though the size of the buyout is limited and the company's leverage is likely to remain below 1.
The outgoing Allentown superintendent is receiving a $50,000 contract buyout and the outgoing Philadelphia superintendent is getting a $905,000 severance package, which includes $405,000 from anonymous private donors.
The Government is ready to do all in its power to make sure the tobacco law under which the buyout should begin by no later than 15 December is fully respected.
Favorable macro-economic and stock market conditions stimulated the second buyout wave which ended in 2007.
4bn in deals seen at the peak in the second quarter of 2007 and Mr Marriott ruled out a swift return to the heady days of the buyout binge.
PET OWNER: The takeover of retailer Pets at Home contributed to a rise in buyout values
Analysts told The Australian newspaper that a successful debt-financed buyout of Qantas could result in the new owners spinning off significant sections of the company and sending more work, such as maintenance, overseas.
Delphi released the buyout numbers Tuesday, bringing to 20,100 the number of its production workers who have decided to leave this year either through buyout offers or early retirement packages.
Although not well-known by most developers or tenants, this section has significant implications on both parties, and has shifted the advantage from the rent-stabilized tenant to the developer in a buyout scenario.
Both publications are also designed to be a news source on activities of specific interest to European buyout and venture capital professionals.