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The daring innovators started with the new notion of buying a picture which they themselves could admire and appreciate, and for the genuineness of which the artist was still living to vouch.
But what's the use o' buying the teapot, when there's the linen and spoons and everything to go, and some of 'em with your full name,--and when it's got that straight spout, too.
But if drafted improperly, these contracts can cause problems for both buying and selling parties.
His best: Buying 930 shares of MicroStrategy at $120.
You have to be very careful if you're buying for the short term.
In 2005 consumers spent an estimated $282 billion buying gifts - that amounts to roughly 10 percent of the total $2.
com/reports/c33778) has announced the addition of Extended Expert View: Buying power of the UK's top energy buyers to their offering.
TradeStone Software, the leader in enabling domestic and international sourcing through a Unified Buying Process, today announced the commercial availability of its Unified Buying Engine, a technology platform that enables companies to streamline all purchasing into one view and business process.
com is highly regarded as the first social network with a purpose -- to facilitate informed buying decisions by creating an interactive buyer's guide that is every bit as rewarding as it is social.
For more advice on a wireless home network or buying the right products and services, go to www.
Com research indicates a "long" strategy (selling puts, buying calls, closing short positions, or outright buying INTC) at current levels offers traders a nice chance for a profitable trade.