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Investors who follow particular fund managers can easily look up what each was buying and selling in the quarter, but other investors may be more interested in overall themes from 13F filings.
Consumers may treat Best Buy like a showroom for consumer electronics that they would then buy from Jeff Bezos' e-commerce behemoth, rather than buying anything at Best Buy itself, ( according to the Los Angeles Times.
Should you consider buying mutual funds to gain exposure to the stock market?
The exchange rate of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) is LE 17.86 for buying and LE 17.98 for selling, up from LE 17.84 for buying and LE 17.96 for selling in the last transactions Thursday.
Women aged 35 to 44 are driving the trend away from heels, with 48% of those in this age group buying trainers in the past year compared to the 30% who bought heels.
Buying gone bad, also known as compulsive buying, occurs almost as often in men as in women, says a team led by psychiatrist Lorrin M.
State legislators who read the GAO report have initiated actions to see that students can afford the books they really need, because they believe it could be hazardous for students to skip buying a required book.
The last five years have seen an increase in consumer spending, with Americans buying more products than they'll ever use.
The industry has made buying term insurance supereasy today, thanks to the Web.
Let's say that they bought their New Property for $90,000 (buying down), property paid for with a new mortgage of $40,000 and cash from the intermediary totaling $50,000.
"We think fun is going on vacation with no payments when we get home or buying a vehicle and not getting a payment book to go with it," Conway told the congregation.
This happened in part as a result of Diaco's strategy of buying steel companies in order to close them, thus trying to create a monopoly for itself, competitors say.
COMPREHENSION: How did investors buying on margin get themselves into trouble?