buyers' market

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a market in which more people want to sell than want to buy

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More aggressive pricing is now the order of the day, which means that conditions are ripe for a strong buyers' market in the second half of 2010.
All of which means it's a buyers' market out there, so make them an offer they can't refuse.
Open rating freed carriers from mandated minimum rates and spawned a fierce buyers' market in which some carriers courted companies by charging artificially low prices to bolster market share without regard for long-term financial stability.
Over-capacity also means it is a buyers' market for the ministry and forestry companies.
real estate landscape has transitioned into a buyers' market the last few years, thousands of homeowners like Meyer are competing with the surplus of homes by getting creative and turning to a new pool of agents eI themselves.
It is still a buyers' market out there, and the companies who will be around for the long haul are those that implement a sound strategy that takes into account this recent history lesson.
It will be a buyers' market in Sudbury in 1991," predicted Luc Menard, the CMHC's Sudbury branch manager.
It will be interesting to watch whether the new supply materializes as anticipated, and whether it is enough to lead to a buyers' market," said Robert Horton, Senior Director, Fitch High Yield Corporate Finance.