buyer's market

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a market in which more people want to sell than want to buy

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He says: "The market is definitely perceived to be a buyer's market but, that said, there are still a number of obstacles standing in the way of buyers - be they first-time buyers or more established homeowners.
In another sign that the buyer's market has faded, home seekers have started to complain about lack of inventory, Wohlfarth said.
She offered $155,000 and prudently included a contingency clause in the contract that required the making of any repairs her inspector deemed necessary--a concession more easily obtained in a buyer's market.
Today's market is best described not as a buyer's market or seller's market but as a broker's market.
The result is we're clearly seeing a buyer's market emerge, but the question that remains is how far will it go?
After more than three years of a buyer's market, U.
Because of the uncertainties, there is a strong buyer's market, and many downside protection covenants will be easy to negotiate for.
But we've done our best to keep our key people in place-- and even counterintuitively we have hired people in this buyer's market.
High capacity and plenty of competition have long made coated paper a buyer's market.
It is truly a buyer's market out there," said Alan Pulham, of the Retail Motor Industry Federation.
The consumer is sitting in the middle of motoring's best buyer's market for years.
It's a buyer's market out there, and the rewards will go to those insurers that can respond with customized products to meet the breadth and depth of demographic diversity.
First, because it is a buyer's market, great bargains are now available.
It can still be a buyer's market in workers' compensation, but only for educated buyers.
It's a buyer's market for sure," admits one resin maker.