buyer's market

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a market in which more people want to sell than want to buy

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Or at least not the intense buyer's market of recent months.
The consumer is sitting in the middle of motoring's best buyer's market for years.
It's a buyer's market for sure," admits one resin maker.
Goman emphasizes four major points: The nature of leadership is evolving; the ethos of the work place has changed; recruitment and retention are vital workplace elements; and it's definitely a buyer's market in that there are more top job opportunities, particularly in the hightech arena, than there are qualified personnel to fill them.
One such opportunity is the current buyer's market in collaterized mortgage obligation (CMO) residuals being liquidated by thrifts.
High capacity and plenty of competition have long made coated paper a buyer's market.
It is truly a buyer's market out there," said Alan Pulham, of the Retail Motor Industry Federation.
There is a clear shift from a seller's market to a buyer's market," Williams says.
All of which means that it's a buyer's market out there, so don't even think about paying showroom prices.
But overall we have moved from a seller's to a buyer's market.
Our research concludes that Online Corporate Cash Management is a buyer's market with most vendors vying for business across a broad range of financial institutions.
Car Buyer's Market publishes NYC's most successful regional newsstand auto shopper that has been on sale weekly in over 5000 area locations for 25 years.
The market has definitely moved into a situation where it's a buyer's market.
Some banks prefer to take advantage of the buyer's market, and will sacrifice price in order to remove the "troubled" property from their portfolio by selling a property at greatly reduced rates.
Consequently the broker has to acknowledge that the burden of due diligence has fallen on the seller - especially since we are in a buyer's market.