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the act of purchasing back something previously sold

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Although some companies do need to conserve cash, those with liquidity have the strategic buyback option: act boldly, and create value for your committed shareholders.
This is despite the market regulator, Securities & Exchange Board of India ( Sebi), talking tough earlier this year on the issue of companies' share buyback promises.
As of Thursday, 1,769 companies had declared plans in 2008 to repurchase shares, the largest number since the current system to facilitate buybacks was introduced through a legal revision in September 2003.
The added cash raises the total amount authorized under the buyback program to $275 million.
If buybacks are perceived to create value for shareholders, then share prices should respond positively to the news a buyback is on the cards.
The court went to great lengths to analyze when a buyback provision has a business purpose or is testamentary, immaterial of whether a corporation or partnership is involved, since both were at issue here.
It is Toyota's second buyback this year and aimed at propping up its stock price amid increasing share divestitures by banks to end cross-shareholding ties with corporate clients and reduce vulnerability to stock market fluctuations.
The mission: to determine the long-term effects of stock buyback programs on a company's stock price and to assess which companies benefit most from these programs.
BuyBack America so far has signed up 85 communities around the country to purchase tens of thousands of unwanted guns.
As a result, companies often trumpet the initiation of buyback plans.
Other legitimate reasons for buyback programs include: offsetting shares issued to employees who exercise stock options, preventing further dilution of ownership; reducing the amount required for ongoing dividend payments, providing more flexibility for future use of cash flow; and increasing tax efficiency for shareholders as an alternative to paying dividends.
But with the merger deadline steadily approaching, Ryan concluded that a standard buyback, which can stretch on for months, would not be satisfactory.
Treasury will hold buyback auctions every Thursday.
Foreign contractors have long complained about the highly restrictive buyback contracts.
As a result, of the buyback and allotment of shares undertaken today pursuant to the Enhanced Buyback Facility there are now 50,186,718 Shares in issue.