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the act of purchasing back something previously sold

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In January, the company had announced that it will buy back shares for an amount aggregating up to Rs 8,260 crore (maximum buyback size) at a price not exceeding Rs 800 per equity share.
(FPH) approved an additional allotment of P5 billion for its buyback program, which is scheduled to run until July 2020.
The additional P5 billion stock buyback has been approved by FPH's executive committee, augmenting an interim additional allotment of P750 million for the program that was made in June.
Though most of those were drowned under the clamour of the Market Support Fund, the second most important demand by the stockholders was the approval of the buyback regulations on priority and enhancement of the limit of 10 per cent on treasury shares.
'AHCL's buyback price is at a premium of 43% and AHL's buyback price is at a premium of 15% of the market price per share, prior to the notification for board meeting on May 29,' said a joint statement of the two companies.
This authority is valid until 15 March 2024 and covers a maximum of 18,600,000 shares, none of which have been exercised before the launch of this share buyback programme.
If you aren't familiar, Berkshire Hathaway's buyback policy got a major overhaul in 2018.
The Company has decided to ask the Manager to launch the Buyback Offer at this time because, among other things, (i) its available funds exceed the near-term cash needs of its business, (ii) relatively low liquidity in the market for its shares may be hindering the ability of some shareholders to sell, and (iii) the Company believes its shares are undervalued relative to their intrinsic value.
New Delhi: The Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) board approved buyback of 25.29 crore shares for Rs 4,022 crore as part of the government plan to get cash-rich PSUs to part with their surplus.
The current accounting rule for stock buybacks is to only record the cost of the buyback as a reduction in the equity section of the balance sheet.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-October 23, 2018--Lloyds said to be planning to double share buyback
Share buyback (repurchase) has become a prominent corporate practice in developing and developed economies.
The buyback size is Rs 3,500 crore, representing 16.39 per cent and 13.62 per cent of the aggregate of the fully paid- up equity share capital and free reserves as per the standalone and consolidated audited accounts of the company for the financial year ended March 31, 2016.