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capable of being bribed

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Metrospirituality finds its roots in the mainstreaming of Taoist, Buddhist (thanks to Richard Gere and Uma's dad, Buddhism scholar Robert Thurman), and Hindu values, among other traditions, into an easily digestible, buyable form.
The 07/08-platers with less than 30k are buyable for pounds 6,500 in Auto Trader.
Depending on how big this sell-off is, analysts may eventually see some buyable value in the shares.
We have maintained our core vision of making this top tier inventory more easily buyable & sellable throughout the craze of the ad exchanges over the last few years, and it is great to see the higher end of the market starting to mature.
TV makers from Samsung to Sony are turning concepts into buyable products.
It looked as though it would be a long evening for the Dragons when Gordon D'Arcy broke three tackles, Niall Ronan sold a very buyable dummy, Denis Hickie cut in from the left, Felipe Contepomi's imaginative behind-the-back pass was lightly misdirected and Shane Horgan fielded a cross-field kick from David Holwell.
Incidentally, three oil paintings of fruit by Oliver Clare will come under the hammer at Walton and Hipkiss' sale at Blakedown Parish Rooms on June 28 at buyable prices.
We have got some players who are buyable but in my mind Nobby [Solano] isn't one of those players who is for sale.
According to Modena, the proliferation of accessories is "critical to the longevity;" of the bread machine and necessary to "legitimize the category and make it more buyable.
That's a relative judgment, but it did seem to have just the right balance of sexuality, creeps, disgusting invention and buyable cultural criticism.
Prices have fallen, in some instances quite considerably, and many items which many people may have thought beyond them have now become buyable.
Duffy was more buyable as a burlesque madam in "Can-Can" than she is as the mom who rarely knows best, although the real Rusty Dennis -- now deceased -- was the source.
Ralph Beckett, trainer "The horses were buyable and the market lacked strength in depth.