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capable of being bribed

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Recently, IT Cosmetics and Too Faced became billiondollar acquisitions--and now a new crop of indie brands, including Kylie Cosmetics and Huda Beauty, are gaining momentum by recording triple-digit and quadruple-digit growth rates, respectively, according to a new report by global market research and management consulting firm Kline, titled "Beauty's Most Buyable Brands: Analysis of Booming Independent Brands in the United States."
Also IF you ever go near a library / can you indicate any BUYABLE works (or worse, unbuyable ditto), throwin light on Financial stimulae of Jeff/Davis, and financing of the confederacy.
The best end of cattle that had been well farmed over the summer sold well on the day with demand from across the country however secondary types are, due to the poor summer weather, in plentiful supply and look buyable at the ringside.
As we've just seen, if Neymar's buyable then everyone's buyable.
"But, as we're about to see, if Neymar's buyable then everyone's buyable.
Ontario, CA, August 01, 2017 --( Spicy Lingerie has announced that it has launched an interactive page on its website that connects directly to Instagram posts that feature buyable products.
'Buyable pins' make items in more than 60 million pins available.
Bale's name went into the Bayern data bank or was passed under various great thinkers' noses and even though Rob reckoned he might be buyable for PS20million, the answer that came back was firm.
Deutsch then put the items up for sale on Pinterest, making Krylon the first brand to ever leverage the photo-sharing site's "Buyable Pins" feature, donating the proceeds to the nonprofit Charity Wings Arts & Craft Center in San Marcos, Calif.
Pinterest also introduced buyable pins last year, allowing users to purchase items from within the app.
Last year, Pinterest entered the ecommerce world with its buyable pins which lets pinners make mobile purchases with their iPhone or iPad.
The improved version of this second generation C3 supermini is a far more buyable prospect - and that's mainly due to the fresh options it offers under the bonnet.
Photo and video sharing app Instagram, which was bought by Facebook in 2012, has introduced a 'Shop Now' button on its advertisements, while photo sharing website Pinterest has launched 'Buyable Pins' in the US.
Pinterest earlier this year announced it would make pins shoppable with a much-anticipated "buy button." Of Pinterest's 50 billion pins, 30 million of them are buyable, reports Forbes.
The Buy Button could also help Facebook compete for ecommerce ad dollars with Pinterest, which just launched its own Buyable Pins that also allows in-line transactions, and Google, which plans to offer something similar within its ads.