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acquisition of a company by purchasing a controlling percentage of its stock

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Manufacturing is one such sector and there was a slowdown in this type of buy-out in 2016 with just 84 deals recorded, followed by further slow activity in the first half of 2017 with 39 Manufacturing buy-outs.
Earlier this year, Burgis & Bullock Corporate Finance was voted Management Buy-Outs Advisory Firm of the Year at the Corporate Livewire's 2015 M&A Awards.
"All this activity suggests that 2015 will be another strong year for pension buy-outs."
"Since Rothesay was established it has provided insurance for six of the top 10 full buy-outs, underlining our position as a leader in the buy-out market."
The earlier bill, which was filed by council member Jumaane Williams, aimed to prohibit landlords or their representatives from offering buy-outs before "notifying the tenant that he or she has the right to refuse" and "disclosing that the person making the buyout offer is an agent of the tenant's landlord."
Mr Thomas leads Mr Burgess and his new team of four managers to provide debt-led financial solutions, including support for management buy-outs, acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures for businesses.
In regard to annuity buy-outs, on the other hand, if interest rates were to shift and make the buy-outs more popular, annuity pricing could become less favorable to plans, as demand could outstrip supply, says Abraham, citing one possible issue.
"This is one of the first management buy-outs in the Middle-East of a specialist financial institution and may change the trend of how financial institutions are owned and operated in the region," Mohammad Sotoudeh, Essdar's chief executive, said in a statement, reports Reuters.
The financial performance of a sample of private equity-backed buyouts was tracked between 1995 and the start of 2010, and compared to a matched sample of private companies, non-PE-backed buy-outs and listed companies.
Pearson is head of football operations at the Tigers and has also been linked with buy-outs of Barnsley and Sheffield United.
However the main thrust for innovative applications is provided by SMEs such as Nanopool, Alexium and Sarastro; all of whom have been subject of proposed buy-outs by multi-nationals.
The FT quoted Trinity Mirror Regionals Managing Director Georgina Harvey saying the group hopes an offer of buy-outs will avoid the need for layoffs, and that staffers at its unaffected Midlands businesses also may "volunteer for redundancy."
Tom Speechley is an Executive Director in the investment team at Abraaj Capital, focusing in buy-outs and other forms of investment.
Business School, UK) and Bruining (business and economics, Erasmus U., The Netherlands) have edited these articles on the pros and cons of private equity and ownership transfer, noting how experts continue to debate about the implications of "value creation." Designed primarily for postgraduate students in business and economics, these papers cover such topics as backed buy-outs, the level of PE involvement and the social issues that are affected by these business practices.