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acquisition of a company by purchasing a controlling percentage of its stock

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This equated to a total buy-out market value of PS9.1 billion for the first half of 2017 following the PS12.7 billion for the whole of 2016, when the UK market fell to the lowest total value since 2009.
This month the firm, which has offices in Leamington, Nuneaton and Rugby, was named Best for Management Buy-Outs and Best Corporate Finance Team - UK at the Finance Awards run by Acquisition International.
For the last five years, the first two quarters of the year have seen an upward trend of pension buy-out activity.
"Since Rothesay was established it has provided insurance for six of the top 10 full buy-outs, underlining our position as a leader in the buy-out market."
The bill essentially puts buy-out offers in the same category as removing doors to occupied units and "repeated acts of omission," such as cutting power and water supply to apartments.
In regard to annuity buy-outs, on the other hand, if interest rates were to shift and make the buy-outs more popular, annuity pricing could become less favorable to plans, as demand could outstrip supply, says Abraham, citing one possible issue.
"This is one of the first management buy-outs in the Middle-East of a specialist financial institution and may change the trend of how financial institutions are owned and operated in the region," Mohammad Sotoudeh, Essdar's chief executive, said in a statement, reports Reuters.
The financial performance of a sample of private equity-backed buyouts was tracked between 1995 and the start of 2010, and compared to a matched sample of private companies, non-PE-backed buy-outs and listed companies.
At the end of October, Buy-Out said it planned to dispose of its 50% stake in Austria Email.
This arises because PEFs finance buy-outs by raising capital from pension and insurance funds (around 80% of PEF business is leveraged buy-outs - LBOs).
This means more "orphans" becoming management buy-outs, or merging with former competitors to create new businesses.
Alastair Macaskill, 61, is heading the community buy-out of the Assynt Estate in Sutherland.
PAI Partners is a leading European private equity firm that manages and advises dedicated buy-out funds.
The European Commission's merger watchdog on October 21 cleared the venture company, Gilde Buy-Out Fund, to purchase Anglo-Dutch oil and petrochemicals group Shell's shareholding in plastics firm, Synbra B.V., it confirmed in a statement..