buy the farm

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Meanwhile, a mysterious woman named Zephyr (Alice Krige) drifts through the feverish forests of Mandragora looking for a new lover, and Cain Ball agitates to buy the farm from Amelia.
Moira worries that John is putting their livelihood on the line as he plans to buy the farm, and Andy senses Alicia isn't telling him everything about her relationship with Leyla.
But their life was made hell by a local gundog breeder, who had wanted to buy the farm himself.
Farmer Robert Wilson, 40, whose family has worked Portrye Farm for 67 years said: "The idea that we could buy the farm is interesting.
The objectives of the working party were to set up a Trust and raise funds on a stakeholder basis to buy the farm and so prevent it falling into the hands of the property developers etc.