buy the farm

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I made a lot of sacrifices to buy the farm so that I could have a release MICHAEL LAVIN ON HIS FARM IN CO MAYO
A team from the Supporter Services Centre in Warrington, which deals with donations to the trust's campaigns, were so moved by the story of Llyndy Isaf they decided to give their time and raise funds to help raise funds to buy the farm.
The campaign has managed to raise more than 500,000 pounds in donations to buy the farm in the Trust's biggest countryside appeal in more than 10 years ago.
With a father away fighting, the cows to be milked, a seemingly untameable horse and an unscrupulous neighbour trying to buy the farm, there are almost too many problems to face.
Emmerdale (7.00pm) Aaron finally begins to accept who he is, and a cash-strapped Natasha offers John and Moira the chance to buy the farm.
Ann Prosser founded the charity in 1995 and helped raise the funds to buy the farm which is in the process of being turned into an animal sanctuary.
When John asked Tufts to buy the farm of William and Sarah Vesey, Abigail wrote a letter calling off her uncle, just three days later.