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pay someone with influence in order to receive a favor

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Regional sales and marketing director Andrew Jarrett said: "People who buy off plan are a step ahead of the game.
BRIBE 'N' GLOOM Max tries to buy off Callum in EastEnders
The family of Christopher Rochester have been told the medics will be allowed to buy off their prison sentences for pounds 3 a day and be back at work within weeks.
In Sun Valley, Waste Management is trying to buy off its neighbors to get their support to build a permanent transfer station to, in the words of your reporters, start hauling to remote dumps.
LIVERPOOL MP Louise Ellman has warned Consignia that they cannot buy off closure-threatened city sub-post offices.
LIVERPOOL MP Louise Ellman has warned Consignia bosses that they can't buy off closurethreatened city sub-post offices.
Consumers are looking for easier, faster ways to buy off the web," Sheridan explained.
Of course, we could skirt that whole issue by simply declaring embryos an entirely different species (although then we'd have to buy off the wrath of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).
His comments came as the Government today made last ditch attempts to buy off a backbench revolt, led by North East MP Nick Brown, over variable top-up tuition fees for university students.
And to create those stunning images, moviemakers are embracing a new kind of technology called AMD64, which is also available in PCs that consumers can buy off the shelf today.
It's important to understand that the bill was introduced at a time when there were incredible levels of corruption around corporations and companies that were engaging in the business of attempting to buy off votes in the MTA,'' Ludlow said.
Major was forced to buy off rebel Tories and even risked the Northern Ireland peace process by trying to fix a last-minute deal with Ulster Unionists.
West Palm Beach (Palm Beach County) Quick Pick Stop N Buy Off Haverhill 2246 49th Way North
As Blair's chief peace process "fixer", Powell has helped to buy off loyalist and republican paramilitaries alike.