buy off

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pay someone with influence in order to receive a favor

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"Part of the problem is that the majority of people do not go to a bike shop to test ride a bike; they just buy off the rack, not paying much attention to the proper fit.
"Often it's the well-off middle classes that buy off their children through the computer and the TV, that then isolates them within the home, and then they're surprised when their child isn't coming to school ready to learn," the Daily Express quoted her as saying.
But critics last night saw the move as an attempt by Mr Cameron to "buy off" right-wing MPs.
SO THE Labour Chancellor, Alistair Darling, has looked to buy off his core Labour vote with a pointless tax hike for the highest earners.
Do you encourage purchasers to buy off plan and what are the added benefits of doing this?Buying off plan isn't for everyone: those who want the top plot with stunning views may find buying off plan is the best way to secure this.
The result is that if you buy off plan, you stand to gain some significant capital appreciation when the property is ready.
If you buy off eBay, you're asking to get screwed, and you deserve it, too."
Bush's hallmark "Faith-Based Initiative." I see it as primarily an updated and expanded version of the spoils system: sending resources to prop up the base, reward friends, and buy off or neutralize opposition.
The family of a British holidaymaker, who died in a Greek hospital, has been told that the three doctors convicted of his manslaughter will be allowed to buy off any prison sentence and will carry on working.
Its ubiquitous presence in commercial establishments and in most foods we buy off the shelf is remarkable.
Some will be paid to take land out of production and others to keep land in production -- in an effort to buy off both environmentalists and farm preservationists.
You can buy off the company's website by phoning (818) 768-6449.
BY MARK ELLIS Industrial Correspondent SOUTHERN Rail was last night accused of trying to "buy off" train drivers to end a bitter 18-month dispute.