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purchase prepared food to be eaten at home


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Navarro, a jailer at MPD Station 3, told duty officer SPO3 June Guinayen that he will go to Laong Laan Street to buy food but he never came back.
She had wanted to do this for a while and when asked what she wanted to do with her communion money, she answered, 'I want to buy food for all the homeless'.
I never allow my son to buy food from the school canteen.
MLANG -- Kristine Sol Salo, one of the two fatalities in a bomb attack on the public market here on New Year's Eve, was selling bread to earn extra money to buy food for media noche, a traditional family gathering to greet the coming year.
Around 750 families who have been significantly affected by the Government's welfare reforms are to receive gift cards to buy food over the festive season from Newcastle City Council.
But rising numbers of residents in OECD countries -- particularly those with children younger than 15 living in their households -- have found themselves increasingly struggling to buy food since the global economic downturn.
A Those who frequently buy food from the internet say they do so because it is easier than going to the store (62%), the convenience of having the food delivered straight to the home (56%) and better spending planning (42%).
A MAN stole perfume to sell it to buy food, a court heard.
TWO children who donated their Eid money to buy food parcels for the poor have been praised by a charity fundraiser.
According to the paper, for his customers who believe that there will be an apocalypse in a couple of weeks time, Blake says that he recommends that they buy food packs that can last up to 25 years.
Perhaps he doesn't have to travel by bus to buy food cheaply, or go to a dentist or doctors surgery on a regular basis on a basic pension.
The Nielsen survey, which polled more than 28,000 online consumers in 56 countries, did find that global consumers' intent to buy food and beverages online has increased 44% in two years, with more than one-quarter (26%) of global respondents saying they planned to buy food and beverage products by way of a device with Internet access in the next three to six months.
Al-Jarmozi said the current situation in Yemen is very hard because many families aren't able to buy food daily.
Councillor Julia Rostron, Middlesbrough Council's Executive member for community protection, said: "This scheme helps local people to make informed choices about the food they eat and the places they buy food from.
People should buy food or drink direct from the producer because.