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Synonyms for buxom

Synonyms for buxom

having a full, voluptuous figure

Synonyms for buxom

(of a woman's body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves

(of a female body) healthily plump and vigorous


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The two municipal engineers, notebooks in hand looked down and leered at her bleeding buxom figure.
BUM-THING SPECIAL Kim Kardashian is well known for her buxom behind
The Buxom Barmaid She stands behind the bar The buxom chatty lass, Enjoying all the attention As she fills another glass.
"We can thank Kylie Jenner for the recent surge in the urge for plumper lips," says Daniel Smythe, education manager at Buxom.
Buxom PlumpLine Lip Liner in cloak & dagger PS15, Feel Unique Buxom Va-Va-Plump Shiny Liquid Lipstick in boldly go PS15, Feel Unique 1GLOSS "GLOSSY formulas are always a quick win for achieving instantly fuller, plumper lips," says Daniel, adding that it's important to line your lips first.
Beautiful: In another social media post, the buxom beauty, 30, showed off her jaw-dropping physique in casual wear
You could simply load the ILS Rwy 10L at Portland, but that approach only gives you the first two stepdowns of BUXOM and TRAYL.
The most buxom of the bunch at $2.3 million was the Twin Peaks project at 10 Shackleford Drive.
The new Thor was debuted on "The View'' where artwork was revealed showcasing a buxom blonde clad in a caped costume and brandishing the trademark hammer.
However, the former cricketer stepped up to the plate and entered the ring to face the buxom blonde in which he got a pasting from the professional kickboxer and was knocked out flat by 10 seconds, News.com.au reported.
This isn't a traditional buxom, curly-haired, pouty costume drama.
The buxom blonde is busy training for the 26.2-mile event in November to raise dosh for the 2010 Haiti earthquake charity.
in Marbs BUXOM bikini-clad Billie Faiers shore looks stunning on a Spanish stroll through the surf.
He's perfect" The buxom domestic goddess Nigella Lawson, above.