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Synonyms for buxom

Synonyms for buxom

having a full, voluptuous figure

Synonyms for buxom

(of a woman's body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves

(of a female body) healthily plump and vigorous


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This isn't a traditional buxom, curly-haired, pouty costume drama.
in Marbs BUXOM bikini-clad Billie Faiers shore looks stunning on a Spanish stroll through the surf.
The 8-11 favourite Buxom came off the home bend clear and with the race apparently in the bag but Jamie Snowden's mare veered badly left approaching the second last, nearly unseating rider Sam Twiston-Davies with a pronounced left-handed jump.
The Vergara Vanity Fair video shows the buxom star-who turns 40 next month-in a black corset and bra, with skin tight skivvies, posing by a pool table.
Jessica Rabbit is a buxom, flirty singer with questionable morals - but who ultimately loves her husband Roger.
The buxom serf wench Akinsya Basykina is a fan of Tolstoy.
The latest in the Buxom series, Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow's ($17) plush, lightweight texture delivers buildable, shimmering color in a vivid, waterproof formula.
Joking about her buxom figure, she added: "So, when people say something about 'Double-D', they will be thinking of something entirely different.
But the buxom beauty's sob story fell on deaf ears as the repo men towed the vehicle.
But this week I'm going to show that I can be that buxom, raucous and feisty side of Nancy
Rebecca, incidentally, is the first Jew that Brian has ever met, but such exotica takes a back seat to the buxom charms of Alice (Alice Harbinson), a frothy Barbie doll with a great head of hair.
Plenty of comedy was on offer: two buxom and dumpy Ugly Sisters, a very camp Dancing Master (brilliantly performed by Gennady Yanin), and a Prince Charming who makes his entrance at the ball by sliding down the banister of a huge staircase.
ACTRESS Lucy Davis, who played the buxom Dawn in The Office, says she didn't even notice the fact she'd lost 2st 6lbs.
She is equally convincing as the upper-class countess, the buxom Alpiew, errant husbands, coppers, con men, college students, and William of Orange.
In the fans' imagination, you were the buxom farmer's wife with a cheery smile and a loving nature.