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introduce the butyl group into a chemical compound

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As shown in Figure 4, the conversion of glycerol propylation and butylation increased with the increase of the catalyst from 7 to 10 wt% and then the conversion was constant with the catalyst load from 10 to 12 wt%.
Extraction and butylation of amino acids and acylcarnitines during the standard procedure (2) led to butylation of EDTA in 4 positions.
Propionyl carnitine is now used as the primary biomarker, screened by tandem electrospray MS after derivatizing bloodspot methanol extracts by butylation (16).
Speciation of mercury in human whole blood by capillary gas chromatography with a microwave-induced plasma emission detector system following complexometric extraction and butylation. Analyst 1992;117:657-63.