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a hydrocarbon radical (C4H9)

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China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) issued a final ruling in an investigation dating back to late 2017, finding that imports of butyl alcohol from the three economies have caused material damage to Chinese makers of the product.
The global butyl rubber market is expected to witness maximum demand from tires and tubes, which is projected to reach a market value of over $3.7 billion by the end of 2025.
Sadara Chemical Company (Sadara), the largest chemical complex ever built in a single phase, started the production of commercial quantities of butyl glycol ether (BGE), which will be refined into several specialty chemicals that Sadara will be producing in Saudi Arabia for the first time.
The unit will produce 60,000 MT of halogenated butyl rubber every year under Reliance Sibur Elastomers Private Limited (RSEPL) - a joint venture (JV) of which RIL owns 74.9%, and SIBUR 25.1%.
Increasing utilization of butyl rubbers for end-use applications such as tyre & tubes, various mechanical automotive components e.g.
Table 5: Response of the Kedah-SB8 and susceptible sprangletop biotypes to propanil quinclorac and chalofop- butyl as determined by ED50 values and resistant/susceptible (R/S) ratio
Hyoscine butyl bromide should be administered when the cervical os is 3cms and when there are regular and strong uterine contractions.
According to Dow, its butyl glycol ethers are versatile solvents that display a balance of several different physical properties including high performance, range of compatibility, fast evaporation rate, and 100% solubility.
This is the first JV, as far as the manufacturer of butyl rubber in India is concerned, the fourth largest supplier of butyl rubber in the world.
RS Butyl rubber is essentially poly(isobutene) with two mol per cent of isoprene in the polymer chain.
ExxonMobil Yugen Kaisha, a subsidiary of ExxonMobil Chemical, has announced that Japan Butyl Co Ltd has completed expansion to increase butyl rubber production capacity at its plant in Kawasaki, Japan.
The three motor-driven compressor trains will be deployed in LANXESSEoACAO butyl rubber plant on Jurong Island, Singapore.
The ratings reflect the company's average financial risk profile, constrained by the ongoing debt-funded capacity expansion programme, exposure to risks relating to project implementation, and to fluctuations in butyl rubber prices and in foreign exchange rates.
The largest investment project yet from Lanxess, its 400 million [euro] 100,000 tonnes capacity butyl rubber plant to be built in Singapore, has been delayed due to the global economic crisis.
Manufacturers commonly make protective garments out of butyl rubber, which blocks vapors and liquids.