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While the rest of the UK agrees it has to be a bap, there are regional differences on what the finished bacon butty should be called.
The event was named the Butty Bay Run because, quite appropriately, everyone would say 'Hiya, Butt' to one another when arriving at Trecco Bay.
The spike in demand has seen some suppliers push the price of smoked bacon up by nearly 40 per cent - which could hit bacon butty lovers hard in the pocket.
The decision to put on rugby league's showpiece event at the prime time of 6pm in the middle of two huge days of rugby union might just be a coincidence, but to me it looks like a deliberate piece of sandwichtage: a tasty northern chip butty wedged in between the beef baguette that is the clash between England and France and the Vegemite Gatsby of South Africa v Australia.
the Ysbyty butty war heats up as the WRVS try to make both ends meat.
A series of events will begin each day with a 'bacon butty briefing' at Hadston House between 8.
OASIS frontman Liam Gallagher was so desperate for an upmarket chip butty while on tour in Manchester he hired a helicopter to fly him to a Lake District hotel.
A fried egg and bacon butty," will be her pick-me-up after the New Year bash.
He will open the two-day rally on Saturday, June 28 under the marina entrance bridge from the stern of Braunston's historic narrowboat, the butty Raymond.
Not even a bacon butty in sight, never mind the bacon, egg, sausage and black pudding to which us veteran attenders have grown accustomed.
Collins and his wife Orianne, together with Swiss swim star, Dano Halsall, presented the foundation's first prizes to Melody Perret, a young singer from Yverdon, and Vanessa Butty, a promising young tri-athlete from Lausanne.
BY RUKI SAYID Consumer Editor w ty THE age-old argument of how to make the perfect bacon butty can now be settled.
Whatever your filling preferences and whether you opt for the barm, baguette or traditional butty, there are few things better than a generously filled sarnie.
SHALL be having a bacon butty in ciabatta today to celebrate British Sandwich Week.
Or maybe he'd hang his hands by his sides, let his butty do his worst.