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To help other families avoid the turmoil of losing someone to suicide, Butty's sister Jennie Robson - who has a poignant tattoo of his fingerprints on her arm - has now arranged a football tournament in his honour.
I'm not sure I fancy that, what with no morality, so to compensate I think I'll keep sneaking a bacon butty to redress the balance.
One fan posted: "So, Ed Sheeran is filming a video at a butty shop in New Moston RIGHT NOW.
The butty is packed with thecooked breakfast essentialsincluding bacon, hash browns, sausages, baked beans, mushrooms, egg and tomato.
Aside from appreciating her acting skills and doggedness, Michaels said Omo Butty's physique is eye-tempting, desribing her as the true definition of the real African woman.
While the rest of the UK agrees it has to be a bap, there are regional differences on what the finished bacon butty should be called.
The event was named the Butty Bay Run because, quite appropriately, everyone would say 'Hiya, Butt' to one another when arriving at Trecco Bay.
The spike in demand has seen some suppliers push the price of smoked bacon up by nearly 40 per cent - which could hit bacon butty lovers hard in the pocket.
A usual scenario is when a family member comes home late after a "good" drink and fancies a chip butty. A fat-filled pan is placed on the stove and heated while chips are cut and a last can of beer downed.
Jayne O'connell AWWW more stories like this please lovely story xxx Daisy Doll WELCOME to Wales Tyler butty.
THE "Jam Butty" children's holiday camp is to be saved after an 11th hour U-turn.
Still want that bacon butty? Still want that bacon butty?
"Well perhaps," I suggested, "she should put her own sauce on the butty and take personal responsibility for any mess.
"Butty and the Mosquito" is read for youthful readers surrounding the adventures of a Butty, a curious butterfly who silently observes many of Mother Nature's creatures, and in this volume, Mosquitoes.