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join by a butt weld


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The company manufactures and exports wide range of premium quality products including stainless steel Buttweld fittings, stainless steel seamless pipes, Duplex and Super Duplex Pipes and Tubes, Flanges etc.
The company specializes in manufacturing and merchandising export of Stainless steel pipes, Duplex and Super Duplex Flanges, Fitting and Buttweld Fittings.
The plaques were buttwelded along the molded edges in the opposite of the injection gate, as shown in Fig.
More than 90% of valves have traditionally been manufactured to ASME B16.34--specification for steel buttwelded and flanged valves.
* Each finished ring component is buttwelded into a 0.080-in, wall sheet metal tube, as opposed to the individually welded tabs of the original design.
Now, semicrystalline PET plates have been buttwelded with a heated element temperature of 260[degrees]C and a pressure of 0.05 MPa.