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Without turning his head, his right hand unconsciously dropping close to the butt of the automatic, Van Horn commanded: "You fella Tambi.
Less than ten blacks had been known to rush a blackbirder officered by no more than two white men, and Van Horn's hand closed on the butt of his automatic, although he did not pull it clear of the holster, and although, with his left hand, he directed the cigar to his mouth and puffed it lively alight.
cuestion butt thatt u will haf Madam Sofia in the end; butt ass to
There was the mainmast, fifteen inches in diameter at what was now the butt, still sixty-five feet in length, and weighing, I roughly calculated, at least three thousand pounds.
But his face went against me; it seemed dark and dangerous and secret; and presently, as we began to go on alongside, I saw the steel butt of a pistol sticking from under the flap of his coat-pocket.
If he had known, his pistol stuck at that time quite plainly out of his pocket, and I could see the sun twinkle on the steel of the butt.
In the first place, she gave up Peter Butt, a young man who kept company with her, and in consequence of his disappointment in love, took to smuggling, poaching, and a thousand other bad courses.
This might have been, but for you, a cheery lass--Peter Butt and Rose a happy man and wife, in a snug farm, with a hearty family; and an honest portion of pleasures, cares, hopes and struggles--but a title and a coach and four are toys more precious than happiness in Vanity Fair: and if Harry the Eighth or Bluebeard were alive now, and wanted a tenth wife, do you suppose he could not get the prettiest girl that shall be presented this season?
Well," Mary decided, "if he does butt in maybe he'll get his.
If any rummy thinks he can butt in on you an' me, he'll learn different, an' I'm the little boy that'll learn 'm.
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The researchers used nests with unsmoked cigarette butts as a control for their experiment.
Cigarette butts are the most littered item in the United States and the world.
While they may have ignored the health risks, their decision unfortunately also means the nation's waterways, beaches and public spaces will continue to be littered by cigarette butts.
AFTER more than two years on our "most wanted" list, we finally got the chance to tackle ticket tout Roland Butts over all the heartbreak and hardship he's caused.