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a support usually of stone or brick

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In order to quantify buttressing and associated stem volume, the height and diameters of conical basal buttresses and connected tree boles can be transformed into frustums for calculating volumes and the volumes can be converted to ratios for each tree.
The main goals of this study were to: 1) Quantify buttress form and volume 2) analyze variation in the ratio of buttress volume to total-stem volume in baldcypress and 3) assess the site and tree variables associated with variation in percentage of tree stem biomass allocated to buttressing and buttress form across sites with different hydrological regimes.
The second and third experiments found that buttressing provided by the human fist increased the stiffness of the knuckle joint fourfold (or reduced flexing fourfold), and also doubled the ability of the fingers to transmit punching force, mainly due to the force transferred from the fingers to the thumb when the fist is clenched.
We also scored the trees as positive or negative when buttressing was present or absent, respectively.
Buttressing tall buildings, reinforcing ships' hulls, keeping keen a razor's edge, steel permeates modern life.
Available immediately to all digital camera manufacturers, Kopin offers samples, reference designs and full technical support, buttressing customers' ability to quickly move their CyberDisplay-equipped products to market.
Designed to minimize tissue trauma, air leaks and bleeding, common complications associated with lung surgery, the company's VALR Surgical System is being evaluated in clinical trials as a replacement for surgical staplers, staples and buttressing materials currently used for sealing lung tissue.
The agreement and initial order validates our platform strategy, while buttressing our worldwide market presence.