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a support usually of stone or brick

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The residual May-Thurner lesion was then treated with a self-expanding Cook-Z stent buttressing the original collapsed self-expanding nitinol stent, with symptom resolution.
We have previously utilized buttressing balloon-expandable stents to correct self-expanding nitinol stent compression, without subsequent stent crushing.
Buttressing is thought to be a mechanical adaptation that apparently prevents tipping and uprooting of trees by wind and gravity, especially in shallow or unstable substrates (Mattheck 1991).
The anchorage efficiency of tap roots falls as trees get bigger, and so larger trees would be afforded additional support by having increased buttressing (Ennos 1993).
Soil type has been related to buttressing in Malaysia where buttressing has been found to be more common and more massive on loams and clayey soils than on sandy spodosols (Richard 1936).
The second and third experiments found that buttressing provided by the human fist increased the stiffness of the knuckle joint fourfold (or reduced flexing fourfold), and also doubled the ability of the fingers to transmit punching force, mainly due to the force transferred from the fingers to the thumb when the fist is clenched.
We also scored the trees as positive or negative when buttressing was present or absent, respectively.
Finally, buttressing trees presented more individuals of H.
Buttressing tall buildings, reinforcing ships' hulls, keeping keen a razor's edge, steel permeates modern life.