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Synonyms for buttress

Synonyms for buttress

a means or device that keeps something erect, stable, or secure

to present evidence in support of

Synonyms for buttress

a support usually of stone or brick

reinforce with a buttress

Related Words

make stronger or defensible

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The function of buttresses has been extensively studied in tropical settings (Henwood 1973; Richter 1984; Kaufman 1988; Lewis 1988; Warren et.
On the buttresses themselves are sculptures portraying the virtues of Truth, Love, Purity and Justice by Stirling Lee, who also sculpted the other statues.
Luminaires were cleverly hidden within the architecture, recessed in-ground and mounted to the buttresses and canopies to create the effect.
A chi-square goodness-of-fit was used to test the null hypothesis that the frequency of occurrence of individuals was independent of the presence of buttresses.
We've had a demand for an Achilles strap and a knee strap with buttresses that could move around on different areas of the knee.
A study by Benjamin Edelman, a student at Harvard Law School, buttresses the point.
A new dating of Chinese fossils buttresses the idea that an Asian Eden gave rise to at least one of the groups of mammal species that appeared in North America some 55 million years ago.
A method of mastoidectomy called improved radical mastoidectomy with flap (IRMF) consists of the saucerization of all bony buttresses, the excision of the mastoid apex, the dissection of all diseased tissues, the alignment of the mastoid cavity by an inferiorly based fascioperiosteal flap, and the creation of a large meatoconchoplasty.
In the twelfth century, however, the notion arose of designing large structures in such a way as to concentrate the weight of the roof in certain areas where outside buttresses of masonry could be built.
It would be four feet thick above its buttresses and have a slight lean and two distinctive burls.
The consistent safe, high performance and efficient operation of the nation's nuclear plants provides overwhelming evidence that our business model is working and buttresses the case for building a new generation of advanced-design plants to help America meet its energy needs," said Frank L.
skilled work Stonemason Simon Dean at work on one of the flying buttresses (left) that support the increasingly fragile abbey church at Rievaulx (above) A YOUNG stonemason is helping to secure the future of a spectacular Yorkshire ruin.
Like the flying buttresses of cathedrals, the structures steer forces away from the center (SN: 8/19/95, p.
A sea of luminous blue, green and aquamarine floodlighting dissolved and animated the stern, hand-hewn stone of the aqueduct's buttresses and arches.