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held up by braces or buttresses


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With a measured and approachable tone that reveals the author's love for classic sci-fi writers (Verne, Wells, Asimov), Take Us to Your Chief effortlessly buttresses Taylor's argument that the philosophies and belief-systems of indigenous peoples can provide rich raw material for speculative fiction.
The roof by the altar was also caving in because the wooden buttresses were already lost, so they had to rebuild it.
the penstock and buttresses are constructed into the granite walls of the river just downstream of the dam.
The fine brick buttresses Everton water Bricks, introduced to northern Europe from Italy in the Middle Ages, were particularly popular in areas where there was little natural stone, such as Denmark and Poland.
A Gothic architectural invention, flying buttresses look like external ribbing, which support high-ceilinged churches.
It is an evergreen tree, with a gently-tapering trunk, though old trees, especially in more exposed positions, often have considerable short-length buttresses.
The swollen bases, or buttresses, of tree species are evocative of lowland forests in the wet tropics (Kaufman 1988), but similar basal swelling is common in swamp and floodplain forests in temperate areas.
The art-nouveau abiding influence of Glasgow's renowned architect, Rennie Mackintosh, is especially evident with statuary, roses and elongated forms in the clock tower which stands 83ft high with a green copper-clad pagoda roof, carved elongated figures adjacent to four buttresses at the top and above the doorway below, on either side of which are sculptures related to the theme of time in Lindley.
details the use of buttresses in the reduction and repair of fractures in the craniomaxillofacial region, with a focus on the cranium and face and including the microbuttresses of the orbit and periorbit.
Crumbling cloisters and gargoyles Towers from whence poured blazing oils Battlements and parapets Ramparts and torture pits Monuments to medieval toils; Murky moats and drawbridges Solid iron portcullises The keep a sturdy stronghold A bastion of knights of old Monuments to Monarchs' avidities; Tumbling turrets and buttresses Powdering falling fortresses Echoes of the past Dynasties destined never to last Monuments to voracious vanities; Your walls tell tales of travesties Of torture and of anarchies Shrouded in mystery Days consigned to history Monuments to avarice.
Today's photograph shows the main street in Ludworth, County Durham, with St Andrew Church, a striking timber building with an A-frame expressed externally like flying buttresses.
Entertaining the children throughout the day was The Flying Buttresses, an interactive puppetry show which went out and about among the crowds.
Du Bois as the timeless intellectual voice that buttresses Hurston's apotheosis of southern black folk--which, though a representation demonstrably true, neglects the extent to which this Du Boisian perspective sometimes seemed disquietingly conflicted.
longicornis prefers large trees bearing buttresses and burrows at the base where the individuals hide during daytime.
Big changes to the car's roofline and haunches have given it the rear buttresses from the Dino, while tweaks on the front bring echoes of the Porsche 904.