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a support usually of stone or brick

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The home, christened Desert Castle by the company that rents it out on occasion for the owner, is an over-the-top, 7,800-square-foot Tuscan palace, complete with the requisite abundance of travertine marble, flying buttresses, vaulted ceilings, a state-of-the-art open kitchen, plus seven bedrooms and seven full baths.
The Speedi-Berm secondary containment system uses spring-loaded aluminum buttresses to enable quick deployment and firm support of foldable, yet I upright and sturdy berm walls.
"We've had a demand for an Achilles strap and a knee strap with buttresses that could move around on different areas of the knee.
Comparison of herpetofaunal diversity in tree buttresses of evergreen tropical forests.
Big changes to the car's roofline and haunches have given it the rear buttresses from the Dino, while tweaks on the front bring echoes of the Porsche 904.
Du Bois as the timeless intellectual voice that buttresses Hurston's apotheosis of southern black folk--which, though a representation demonstrably true, neglects the extent to which this Du Boisian perspective sometimes seemed disquietingly conflicted.
'It buttresses my view - currently held by virtually no one else, I concede-that the nationalist wave may have peaked'
WORCESTER - The $26 million renovation of a former downtown cinema into a theater capable of hosting touring Broadway productions hit a snag this week when engineers determined that more steel support buttresses were needed to shore up the massive south wall of the aging brick building.
CMH floodlights (100-W) were mounted on ledges above the carved buttresses to uplight the underside of the wood canopies to a level similar to the brightness of the ceilings inside.
Structure is obviously fundamental, and SOM introduce a new system, the buttressed core--essentially each of the three wings around a central core buttresses the other two.
1) having low to intermediate buttresses. This suggests a drier environment influenced the younger trees that were in this form class which would have attained much of their growth after regional drainage in the Cache basin occurred in the mid 20th Century.
Of course, you can also add dead men or buttresses to resist this water load; however, the economics of this particular work is such that typically, drainage is a more economical solution.
buttresses, stilt (or prop) roots, epiphytes, orchid, bromeliads 4.
From their viewpoints the conspicuous consumption buttresses our economy.
Concrete shear walls may be built at key locations in the building, buttresses may be constructed to support exterior walls, and steel trusses may be added at roof level to tie the roof elements to the walls.