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a hook for pulling a button through a buttonhole

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Category: Contemporary/New Age/Instrumental Buttonhooks Music blackravenmusic@vahoocom CD/Copyright 2007
Forge Mill Needle Museum, in Needle Lane, Riverside, is helping visitors steps back in time by showing a selection of buttonhooks - tools which helped to push buttons through stiff leather on shoes and boots.
It may have been my day to vertrep to the carrier, but it wasn't happening with the buttonhooks to the cruiser.
Since many like the fluff names, it then grows to movement to contact, movement to break contact, buttonhooks, crossing .
The immigrants stripped and doctors listened to their chests for signs of tuberculosis or, using buttonhooks (metal instruments used to pull a button through a buttonhole), checked their eyes for trachoma.
It's not only things you're quite relieved to be shot of, like candlesticks and buttonhooks and hair tidies and knife powder and pokers and darning mushrooms.