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a hook for pulling a button through a buttonhole

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The joy of buttonhooks is the countless number of versions.
There are buttonhooks carrying advertising; buttonhooks with handles designed as animals; those with musical or sporting motifs; commemorative handles such as those made for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.
The earliest known reference to the buttonhook was in 1611 when it was called a "Boutonneur: A Buttoner; or an instrument wherewith buttons are pulled through their o'er-strait holes." Although buttonhooks were in existence through the 17th and 18th centuries among the upper classes, examples dating from before the industrial revolution are rare today.
Unless they were made of a fine material such as gold or silver, many have been discarded, although there are still a few examples of early to mid 19th century wooden buttonhooks with elaborate handles.
Silver buttonhooks are found in a number of patterns, many with handles decorated with repousse floral patterns.
The steel buttonhook, generally the size of a table fork, came into its own in the 1880s with the new fashion for minine buttoned Musical themed the feminine high-boot made from stiff leather and fastened by a row of tiny buttons to show off the shape of the ankle.
Besides more practice doing buttonhooks for me, the crew also learned from this flight.
The cruiser was stationed 1,000 yards off the starboard quarter Of the supply ship, which meant I would be doing 270-degree (buttonhook) approaches for the drops.
Their clothes were marked with chalk as if they were baggage, their eyelids ingloriously flipped with a buttonhook to check for disease.
Forge Mill Needle Museum, in Needle Lane, Riverside, is helping visitors steps back in time by showing a selection of buttonhooks - tools which helped to push buttons through stiff leather on shoes and boots.
They buttonhooks were made in many shapes and sizes and in materials such as plastic, steel and gold.
Also on show during the exhibition, which runs until Sunday, July 2 and has been organised by the Buttonhook Society, are other Victorian fashion accessories, including a mock shoe shop displaying boots and shoes.
It's not only things you're quite relieved to be shot of, like candlesticks and buttonhooks and hair tidies and knife powder and pokers and darning mushrooms.
A NEEDLE museum has made a stitch in time by launching an exhibition detailing the skills of Victorian-era buttonhooks.
The Forge Mill musuem in Needlemill Lane, Redditch, is staging the display, put together by the Buttonhook Society, a worldwide group devoted to the buttonhook.