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a hook for pulling a button through a buttonhole

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Aramist, who won the Buttonhook for Alan Swinbank 12 months ago, has to be of interest back for another crack.
Kieren Fallon's first ride back in Scotland after his 18-month ban so nearly produced a winner, but he had to settle for second best after a power-packed ride by Seb Sanders resulted in Braveheart Move edging out top-weight Merchant Of Dubai by a neck in the Totesuper7 Buttonhook Handicap.
And, while he falls well short of that calibre, the totesuper7 Buttonhook Handicap should be within his compass.
I did a little buttonhook with the Atlanta Gift Show one March to watch the Mets in spring training, I'm a die-hard Mets fan, and there's nothing more refreshing than watching spring-training baseball.
with a buttonhook, hairpin, or their fingers, searching for signs of
It differs from all North American Sassacus and Metaphidippus in the buttonhook shaped embolus of the male (Figs.
From my perch, I watched him run in a short buttonhook and fall on his side.
The buck ran a brief buttonhook pattern before cartwheeling into a heap just 35 yards from me.
There was no need for a photo-finish to the totepool Free pounds 5 Bet Buttonhook Handicap which was run in torrential rain, as Hearthstead Wings (13-2), carrying the colours of Hearthstead Homes Ltd, bolted in by 12 lengths.
For grandma: hatpins, a buttonhook, a jar of Mentholatum, a new pair of stays.
Their clothes were marked with chalk as if they were baggage, their eyelids ingloriously flipped with a buttonhook to check for disease.
He is absolutely convinced that a football team's offense cannot be stopped if the quarterback throws short, buttonhook passes to the receivers.
Canard would buttonhook around the opening door, preventing it if necessary from closing from either rebound or spring-tension, then follow him inside.
31) At the end of the line, the eye inspector everted the eyelids, usually with a buttonhook, and determined whether the immigrant had symptoms of trachoma.
For example, trumpet interchanges and buttonhook ramps are the most susceptible to wrong-way movements, while full cloverleaf and full diamond interchanges seldom have problems.