buttonhole stitch

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a reinforcing looped stitch for edges, as around a buttonhole

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worked silk thread embroidery in chain stitch and buttonhole stitch.
polychrome floral embroidery in buttonhole stitch, in reds, pinks,
It is characterized by compositions of buttonhole stitch
in buttonhole stitch, employing greens, blue, reddish orange, pinks, and
buttonhole stitch. Designs consist of symmetrical floral sprays
of chain and buttonhole stitch, in red, green and yellow silk thread.
embroidery in buttonhole stitch. Vamp edged with three rows of colored
embroidery, predominantly in buttonhole stitch to ankle flaps;
Familiarize yourself with how to baste, backstitch, prickstitch, catchstitch, blindstitch, slipstitch, and sew a buttonhole stitch, and then use the guidelines below for hand sewing success.
One-step buttonholes are created by selecting the built-in buttonhole stitch and installing a buttonhole foot.
Select the desired buttonhole stitch on the machine.
Hand-stitched buttonholes are created using two parallel lines of buttonhole stitches and either bar tacks on both ends or a bar tack and a fan end.
TIP: Insert a pin across one buttonhole end when cutting open with a seam ripper, to prevent accidentally cutting the buttonhole stitches.