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Synonyms for buttoned-down

unimaginatively conventional

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GEORGE is a buttoned-down Nigerian-American three days away from an arranged marriage.
The plot goes roughly like this: John Oliver Banion, a buttoned-down commentator in his late forties with tortoiseshell glasses, his own Sunday morning TV show and a wife named Bitsey, is at the top of the Washington food chain.
The Wall Street Journal, known for its buttoned-down tone and often sober layout, illustrated a package on marketing to teenagers with photos of popular celebrities including Posh Spice, Christina Ricci, Brian Austin Green, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.
In an age where image counts for so much and sports franchises accordingly play by the buttoned-down corporate standards, Backman's throwback style might have been his biggest Achilles' heel,'' DeFord says in the program.
On TV, Jeeves and Wooster made him a thinking man's buttoned-down sex symbol for fans on both sides of the Atlantic.
A little less buttoned-down, blow-dried primness might prompt voters to cut members of Congress a little more slack.
Specifically, Occasio eliminates the high counters, buttoned-down clerks, and impersonal service so often associated with the banking industry.
Successful middle-aged Madrid lawyer Daniel (Fernando Guillen Cuervo) strays from his buttoned-down life and circle of posh queeny friends to go nuts for strapping refugee Kyril (Dritan Biba), a standout among the hordes of hot politically displaced Eastern European bucks flooding Spain in hope of a better tomorrow.
Think: Marcia Gay Harden is a buttoned-down mother - just guess how she'll react when she discovers her 14-year-old daughter (Alexis Dziena) is engaging in group sex.