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Synonyms for buttoned

furnished or closed with buttons or something buttonlike

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For traditional closures, the overlap and underiap should extend the same distance past the centerline, and the center-front lines should align when the garment is buttoned.
There are only two options for cuffs: barrel (buttoned) or French, "French is obviously a dressier look." says Kirby.
But buttons have a long and fascinating history and were once an outward sign of one's social position since you could tell a person's status by a glance at his buttons - the nobs went about in the latest thing which could mean painted miniatures set in brilliant pastes, while the hoy polloi buttoned up against the cold March winds with cut-steel copies or cheap pewter discs.
If buttoned cuff openings are too small to get your fist through, either move the buttons to make the opening larger and/or sew the buttons on with elastic thread.