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shaped like a button

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Every six weeks the family returned to the specialist in London, a small piece of button-shaped rubber was pushed into Thomas' eye sockets.
The first step of a cornea transplant is removal of a round, button-shaped portion of the damaged cornea.
Water chestnuts, which despite the name are not related to the nut family, are so called because of the reddish color of the button-shaped submerged tubers.
In addition to the staid banners and button-shaped ads, MSN will now begin selling full-page ads that that appear while a webpage is being downloaded.
An iButton is a computer chip housed in a stainless steel, button-shaped case that makes portable data extremely durable through everyday wear and tear.
It was a timely reminder that there is much more to edible fungus than those small white button-shaped things you buy at the supermarket.