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The rim of Green's cornea remains, but a cornea graft from a donor combined with a small, button-shaped artificial cornea, made from material similar to what is used for contact lenses, was sewn into her eye.
Every six weeks the family returned to the specialist in London, a small piece of button-shaped rubber was pushed into Thomas' eye sockets.
The first step of a cornea transplant is removal of a round, button-shaped portion of the damaged cornea.
Jelly Belly caused quite a stir with its button-shaped JBz, a pairing of chocolate centers with crunchy candy shells in 20 wow flavors.
Water chestnuts, which despite the name are not related to the nut family, are so called because of the reddish color of the button-shaped submerged tubers.
Jim Steinhaus, whose design firm Resn8 created the new UPN bug, says button-shaped logos are hot because they're more functional.
In addition to the staid banners and button-shaped ads, MSN will now begin selling full-page ads that that appear while a webpage is being downloaded.
Higher-than-normal fluid pressures within her left eye had resulted in subtle changes in its optic nerve head, the button-shaped structure in the back of the eye where retinal nerve fibers converge to carry visual messages to the brain.
It was a timely reminder that there is much more to edible fungus than those small white button-shaped things you buy at the supermarket.