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Synonyms for button-down

conforming to established practice or standards

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Synonyms for button-down

unimaginatively conventional

of a shirt

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For example, there's a little lace waistcoat, a ladies-who-lunch tweed jacket, then a slouchy pair of tomboyfit studded jeans and a menswearstyle striped button-down.
"Where Art Worlds Meet: Multiple Modernities and the Global Salon" felt crowded with some four hundred attendees (of whom about thirty were speakers): Biennale officials in dark suits, artists in black jeans, curators in funky furs, historians and critics in scarves or tieless button-downs (apart from one notable exception in Prada taffeta).
Owns a dozen other short-sleeved button-downs just like this one.
"The whole look actually has very little to do with workwear." Coupling paisley button-downs with bandanas, and blazers with all-weather plaid blankets, it's as if Awai plucked rugged Redford straight out of Jeremiah Johnson and upgraded his swag with a clean shave and new suit.
"I start with color moods and some tailored references and then it just happens." ADD's spring collection of unisex designs resembles a box of melted Crayolas--gracefully restrained pants and subtly detailed button-downs that come in a rainbow of hot and cool hues.