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Synonyms for button-down

conforming to established practice or standards

Synonyms for button-down

unimaginatively conventional

of a shirt

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From embellished stretch and hipster silhouettes for women to destroyed loose and bootcut fits for men, AE jeans perfectly complement seasonal essentials such as blazers, hoodies, button-downs, and graphic T's.
Everyone wore dark gray suites, white button-down shirts and striped ties.
Dressed in khaki pants, a gray Hawaiian-style button-down and a laminated ``St.
Add a classic button-down collar shirt in trendy black and white stripes for $39.
And anyway, she's not taking on Fox News Channel's arrogant goons, but the button-down boobs of a local Washington, D.
Designed to make employees virtually indistinguishable from guests, the line includes charcoal pinstriped pants for men with black button-down dress shirts or turtlenecks.
She was last seen wearing a blue top, blue knee-length pants and a brown button-down sweater.
E[acute accent]The store's circular layout eliminates the high counters and button-down clerks so often associated with the banking industry and encourages more personal service.
Blending the lighthearted banter and the button-down reporting and interviewing is an art, says Thompson.
I don't think of myself as an 'American Master,' '' added Newhart, whose Grammy-winning album ``The Button-Down Mind'' topped the pop charts and led to two hit sitcoms.
Classic button-down shirts in bright stripes, such as the AE Great Ridge Stripe Shirt, look great worn solo or underneath sweaters like the AE Lodge Stripe Sweater or solid AE Great Ridge V-neck Sweater.
Krasinski is pleasantly amusing and Fischer makes Pam's disaffection palpable, while Wilson is the wild card here: Dwight is quite possibly a lunatic disguised as a stunningly petty button-down stooge.
Aqua's uniformed employees who may need access to a customer's property, such as meter readers, wear dark blue pants and jackets, light blue button-down shirts or gray golf shirts.
At DragonFly in Los Angeles, Guevara lovers can buy button-down tops bearing Guevara's image.