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Synonyms for button-down

conforming to established practice or standards

Synonyms for button-down

unimaginatively conventional

of a shirt

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Wear a T-shirt on its own or as an undershirt beneath a button-down.
But then, practicality and convenience took over, since the button-down shirts (which by the way, since the late 1800s have been called polo shirts because they were worn by English polo players) were the perfect match for ties and no jacket.
For example, there's a little lace waistcoat, a ladies-who-lunch tweed jacket, then a slouchy pair of tomboyfit studded jeans and a menswearstyle striped button-down.
A patriotic Woolrich talks proudly about his range of threads, saying: "When someone walks down the street in a button-down and khakis, the bad guy gets a glimmer of fear, wondering: "Is he packing or not?
Sam Genovese, my old high school flame, stood at the door in classic dark slacks and an Oxford blue button-down shirt.
Zoe, unfortunately, is not a fan of dressing up in sexy outfits, adding: "But if you dress me in jeans and a button-down blouse, I feel very sexy, feminine and powerful.
Osborne specifies a "high-quality suit and button-down shirt" for "business traditional/corporate.
Wearing a black button-down shirt and black and white tie, he spoke only to confirm his name and date of birth before listening quietly to the rest of the proceedings.
Work shirts feature triple-needle stitching for extra strength, a banded button-down shirt collar, angled entry-front pockets with button flaps and adjustable button cuffs.
According to a January 11, 2007 report by the Associated Press (AP) Ortega eschewed military dress for the occasion and instead appeared wearing what the AP called "his signature white button-down shirt.
Not surprisingly, some neighbors object, including Matthew Broderick's button-down, uptight leader of the local winter festival.
That is not always an easy task in the button-down halls of Congress, where many aides remain closeted.
After throwing a button-down shirt over his t-shirt, Nelson--holding a VIP pass he had received as a local government official--quietly and patiently waited outside Green Bay's Resch Center auditorium.
The Smith cycle was accompanied by the comparably sized Selbstbildnis (Self-Portrait), 1980, which positioned Gertsch, in button-down shirt and sport coat, as an onlooker--impresario, voyeur--vis-a-vis his own rendering of her performance, thus completing a composite "situation portrait" of European art-world hipness at the end of the '70s.
Pheasants Forever has licensed its logo to Browning for use on a new line of upland hunting clothing, including hunting vests, pants, chaps, button-down shirt and strap vest.