button hole

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a hole through which buttons are pushed


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Push the needle, back to front, through the item where the left-side strand exits, and out the left-side button hole to the front of the item.
Implantar en la Sala de Hemodialisis de Cronicos de nuestro Hospital la tecnica de puncion Button Hole como tecnica de eleccion en todos los pacientes que cumplan los criterios establecidos.
Patrick came to Ireland, or where he came from, but come he did, and that's a good enough reason for wearing a sprig of shamrock in the button hole.
Ball Hill e vintage Rose |Cake Company in Nuneaton for the musical theme wedding cake Lyn & Chris Wills of |Driven in Style who provided the vintage wedding car Rosalind Johnstone |for the button hole "owers Truly Scrumptious |who organised the room decorations Jo & Dave for the |musical entertainment thoughout the day Shanara Coleman & |Dennae Blake-Osbourne for hair & make-up Nailcote Hall, |especially the owners Rick & Sue Cressman & their sta e sta at the |Coventry Telegraph T Peter Blanch"ower |from peterblanch"ower.
Every John Lewis partner sported a daffodil button hole and the flowers filled window displays and decorated the department store's cafes.
WEDDING PACKAGE: An extra pounds 995, including the ceremony, paperwork, bouquet, groomOs button hole, decorating the ornamental gazebo, cake and champagne toast.
He's even got his own tiny button hole. He's quite dashing.
His EP The Moon Is A Button Hole has slipped out with less fanfare than past releases on the Sony label, with which he has now parted company.
Mary goes on to say: "They all have button hole flowers, might it be a wedding." ready to an image, He thought of tomorrow, what the new day could A battle, a siege, he kissed wedding ring.
"They designed wedding invitations, wrote speeches, created button hole flowers and did other tasks.
WHEN we arrived at the Ibis Bristol hotel, women in posh hats and strappy dresses and men in smart suits, many with a button hole, were milling about in the foyer.
During one concert she threw him a carnation, which he wore in his button hole for the rest of the evening.
Pictured far left are bridesmaids Heather Brown, Vicki Darley, Kellie Stephenson and Joanne Wallace while usher Daniel Griffiths offers the groom a helping hand with the button hole