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Synonyms for buttinsky

a person given to intruding in other people's affairs

Words related to buttinsky

a meddler who tends to butt in

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The Boomerang Endorse came after Buttinsky found the time in his busy day to attack Professor Jackie, who's running against Maggie in the Dem guv primary.
But we who in this country Were to honor by luck born Won't brook the mocking scorn Of some catty buttinsky.
Also known as buttinsky or butt sets because they allow a repair person to butt into a phone call, these test sets have many features: touchtone and rotary dialing; last-number redial; a ringer with on/off; bent-nose bed-of-nails clips with a spike; durable butt-set cords; a data-safe monitor; a big, easy-to-push dial; moisture resistance; a large butt-set clip; a loud receiver; dual LED polarity test; and a mic mute button.
Presently, it won't win any Better Homes & Gardens awards, but it wouldn't catch the attention of most lawn-loving, buttinsky suburban ordinances, either.
While the DMA and other direct marketers dither over minutiae, we are being cut off at the knees by bunch of buttinsky government appointees.