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Synonyms for buttinsky

a person given to intruding in other people's affairs

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a meddler who tends to butt in

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And there's life, the buttinski, which will not take no for an answer and more and more dominates existence for me.
And if you don't want to do these things but your neighbor does, shut up--it's no concern of yours, Buttinski.
"It speaks volumes to the American public," said Kate O'Beirne at the National Press Club, "that Congress is back on their side against the cultural elites, the radical social engineers, and the buttinski bureaucrats who insist on telling a self-governing people what is best for them."
"You've told him, so stop being a buttinski. It's really none of your business."
O'Rourke attacks critics of the internal combustion engine, he indulges in derision by association, and alliteration: "They're losers, the three-bong-hit saviors of the earth, lava lamp luddites, global warming dolts, ozone boneheads, peace creeps, tofu twinks, Birkenstock buttinskis, and bedwetting vegetarian bicyclists who bother whales on weekends." T.