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30am - hence the bacon butties, to make the offer a bit more enticing.
All eyes will be on the team sheet today to see if the young player got more than he ordered when he rang up for the extra cheese-and onion butties
Inventor Paul Catterall, of Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association, said: "Rasher Rolls are just like traditional bacon butties except we seal them like sausage rolls, then inject the sauce using the same method used to get jam in a doughnut.
So this week I shall be mainly eating health foods of bacon butties, curries, fish and chips and a few pints.
Both volumes of Birds, Boots And Butties are stocked at Conwy RSPB Reserve and bookshops across North Wales.
They were happy to chat to anyone and seemed to enjoy their butties, too.
We had nowt growing up and one day my mum said to us to go into the fields and get some spuds so we could have chip butties.
NEW fathers in Nuneaton are being invited to a Dads' Club - and they are being lured by bacon butties.
HUNGRY workers are fighting back against the council that banned their breakfast-time bacon butties.
THE days between Boxing Day and New Year's Eve are very much the ''no man''s land'' of the festivities and even the heartiest of souls can quickly become bored with repeats of old films, drunken uncles and the ubiquitous turkey butties.
In this third week, Shaziya shares two simple yet delicious recipes - oriental beef noodles for the parents and fish butties and chips for the little ones.
Every Friday, a box of bacon butties are delivered to ravenous Paver underlings but that may soon stop.
The former Atomic Kitten, 26, claimed she has gone from a size 14 to a size 10 after giving up chip butties and Chinese takeaways.
COVENTRY Rotaract club tucked into bacon butties in an air ambulance as part of a fun challenge