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hSl lo "People with Down's syndrome can be very obsessive over food and she did have a few bad habits such as eating sauce butties, crisps and biscuits late at night, but she's put all the right changes into place and will say no to naughty treats now, which she struggled to do before.
"My grandparents were very English and we were brought up with a lot of English heritage - teaspoons on the wall, chip butties on Sunday afternoon.
No word either if their backstage rider for 'a few butties and a bottle of dandelion and burdock' has yet been approved by the powers that be.
Sammy-Jo Hopkins with Alfie, who brought his mum a craving for chip butties RICHARD SWINGLER
"And 29pc of people like brown sauce on their fried egg butties," I pointed out.
They were sent on their way with flapjacks made by Gwen Jones, wife of FUW Llanrwst office assistant Gwyn Jones, and sustained by bacon-andegg butties arranged by FUW Caernarfonshire executive officer Gwynedd Watkin.
PALATIAL GRUB: The queue for breakfast butties at Howes Primary, in Cheylesmore TUCK IN: Buckingham Palace head chef Mark Flanagan serves up sausage sandwiches to Joshua Young-Rock and Madison Simpkins
Call me a chauvinist pig, and I know it might well raise feminist eyebrows but I cannot help but think that women are unenthusiastic about bacon butties, and see pies only as the price they are willing to pay for a relationship.
Even in cakes and bread butties too, Filling you up and so good for you.
A SKUNK whose weight shot up due to his love of bacon butties has been put on a strict diet.
The rock stars ate chip butties with tomato sauce and drank Pinot Grigio white wine and tequila in the hotel conservatory.
Our three judges came anonymously sampled the butties deciding Wight's was the best." Noel Jackson, head of education at Centre for Life, was one of the judges.
A MIDLAND man has been labelled a medical miracle after eating nothing but bacon butties - for 45 years.
Tuesday: Nicky Bryne, Shane Filan and Bryan McFadden stuff their faces with bacon butties at London's Conrad Hotel.
And after a blast from the Bible, worshippers can breakfast on bacon butties from the nearby shop!