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This is the most rasher-related entertainment we've had since the ill-fated day Ed Milband gorged on a buttie. We wonder if the chef had any idea when he woke up this morning that his simple breakfast fodder was going to be inspected by the King of Bread Luckily for the chef's ego, Mary Berry hasn't ordered anything - although it's hard to imagine the mild-mannered octogenarian ever causing offence.
THE BUTTIE: With time short, I chose a ready-made bacon sandwich (above) from the limited selection on the counter which included a cheese roll and sausage bap.
And just when you think the car has survived the latest onslaught from the little angels and their grubby mates, you find a half eaten buttie in a back seat flap and a smear of congealed chocolate.
Making tasty and portable grub at home to take to work can be a lot healthier, cheaper and more appetising than buying a buttie from the high street, they promise.
So it's no wonder that even a Viking has to take a pit stop for a cup of tea and a bacon buttie, as our pictures from yesterday show.
A PS2.50 bacon buttie with tomatoes was just the job, save for margarine appearing on the bread when I'd asked for butter.
United's 23-year-old new boy - known as Buttie by friends and family - returned from signing his new five-year contract with a case full of United shirts, which he started handing out to family and friends.
Owner Ceri Taylor said: "I think it's important to give people a choice, you can't force them to eat it but if they pickupapieceof fruit as well as their usual bacon buttie then at least they are eating healthier than they would have done."
SPREAD around some sandwich love with these fantastic bread and butter gadgets for your kitchen, says Peter Jenkinson, who has rounded up six inventive gizmos to pay homage to the great British buttie. Apparently we have the Earl of Sandwich to thank for the creation of this easy-to-make lunch and afternoon teatime treat.
The survey of 972 people showed that 67% of respondents would opt for a bacon buttie as their ideal light bite.
MD Foods, tel:0113 244 0141, have researched the ingredients for a perfect buttie and found that using cheap spreads in sandwiches can be a recipe or disaster, and will eventually affect sales.
There's a handy log to lean against while you absent-mindedly munch on a buttie, read the paper and tune the ambient sound of laughing families and barking dogs to the back of your brain.
There was also an emotional reunion on October 27 with wife Claire, who was waiting for David with a bacon buttie in her hand.
"It's great to see as a nation we're still enjoying our all-time breakfast favourites - the full English and the bacon buttie."
The Labour leader had a rotten week after poor results in the English council elections, getting caught out by a question on food shopping and being snapped girning while trying to eat a bacon buttie.