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any of numerous carnivorous bog plants of the genus Pinguicula having showy purple or yellow or white flowers and a rosette of basal leaves coated with a sticky secretion to trap small insects

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Sundews and butterworts have what's known as flypaper/adhesive traps, while pitcher plants use pitfalls, and bladderworts, as their name suggests, use water-filled bladder traps.
In Insectivorous Plants, Darwin (1900) made reference numerous times to the pollen grains, leaf fragments, and seeds found on the sticky leaves of sundews and butterworts (Pinguicula).
Other passive trappers, like Manitoba's two butterworts (Pinguicula vulgaris & P.
In the exhibition itself, there are other live specimens including a five-foot-long green iguana, ornate homed frogs from South America, and collections of carnivorous plants (such as Venus fly-traps and butterworts) and lush orchids.
On the negative side, a long period without grazing may have been too much for our tiny colony of butterworts - we could not find any this year.
The case is much the same with other species of insectivorous plants, including the Venus' fly-trap, butterworts, and bladderworts, which Darwin discussed far more briefly.
D'Amato also grows butterworts, which secrete a sticky substance that acts like flypaper, gluing its victims in place as enzymes (proteins that aid body functions) digest the insect's soft tissues.
Sutton Coldfield Horticultural Society, talk, Mexico's Sierra Madre: Home of the Butterworts and Cacti, by Mr Stanley Lampard, Fellowship Hall, South Parade, 7.30pm.