butternut tree

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North American walnut tree having light-brown wood and edible nuts

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To assist the recovery of the butternut tree, DEC foresters are cooperating with the U.S.
The butternut tree is recognized by its broad, flat bark ridges that give the trunk a sanded appearance.
Elizabeth Redetzke, a worker at a pharmacy on East 11th Avenue, watches from a window as crews remove a butternut tree with a trunk nearly 20 feet around that cracked near its base.
The redesignation would permanently protect this special area home to several endangered and threatened species including the Jefferson Salamander and butternut trees.
A 1995 USDA Forest Service study estimated that the canker was responsible for widespread damage to butternut trees, resulting in the toss of almost 77 percent of the butternuts in the Southeast.
Pope said dead butternut trees can stand for four to five years and fatten trees are salvageable two to three years after.
The survey found 47 different species and cultivated varieties in the park, including three butternut trees, which are listed as endangered today.
"Along the shore, a beautiful view of blossoms, profuse from plum trees and numerous butternut trees breaking out in bloom, met their gaze.
Walnut and butternut trees get part of their scientific name, Juglans, from a chemical they produce called "juglone." Juglone is an allelopathic chemical, meaning it inhibits the growth of other plants in the vicinity of the tree, reducing competition for water and nutrients.
If any of those are black walnut or butternut trees, you may have found the culprit.
As we walked back to her car, we passed other, scattered butternut trees, and gloom descended on us.
Unlike black walnuts, butternut trees are short-lived and medium to small in stature.