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Synonyms for buttery

a small storeroom for storing foods or wines

a teashop where students in British universities can purchase light meals

unpleasantly and excessively suave or ingratiating in manner or speech

resembling or containing or spread with butter

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"I have an area of meadow turf with a mown lawn walkway which winds its way through it and I see a number of dierent butteries - meadow browns, cabbage whites and occasionally tortoiseshells.
" As president of the charity Buttey Conservation, Sir David will be taking part in this year's Big Buttery Count, in which members of the public are asked to report sightings to give the charity a clearer picture of the nation's butteries. is, in turn, gives us a view of the state of the countryside as a whole.
ey hope it means the reservoir, near Dunchurch, Rugby, will continue to support endangered butteries such as Grizzled Skippers and Small Blues which are a priority species nationally.
Severn Trent Water ranger turned buttery expert, Ian Martindale, said: "e hard work of our four volunteers - Michael Cox, Cathy Wood, Rachael Cox, and Shirley Rhodes - has meant that we can help to protect these endangered butteries."
Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) has a number of sites with vast numbers of butteries including Askham Bog, near York, where populations of orange-tips are impossible to miss during the spring months.
Butteries have had a tough few years and UK populations have declined dramatically since the 1990s due to intensi[euro]ed farming, increased use of pesticides and mismanaged grasslands.
[euro]e project team and volunteers must wait for a month to see if the caterpillars make it through the pupa stage and emerge as butteries.
Except the butteries "The fat content of a buttery made even me blanch."
TERRY Wogan sparked a culinary row yesterday when he said Aberdeen's butteries tasted like seaweed.