butterhead lettuce

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lettuce with relatively soft leaves in a loose head

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Goh showed me photos of butterhead lettuce to illustrate his point.
Tests on phlox 'Blue Paradise', which is said to be resistant to mildew, and the non-resistant phlox 'Fujiyama', showed that both were badly affected by mildew, while there was also no difference in the result of tests for downy mildew on the so-called resistant butterhead lettuce 'Milan' and the non-resistant 'All the Year Round'.
Farm boxes include heirloom tomatoes, butterhead lettuce, fresh herbs, seasonal fruits, flowers and lots of other vegetables.
New TV advertising for Florette features Sweet Continental Salad, containing Lollo Rosso, Green Romaine and Butterhead lettuce, and specially tailored to UK consumers' preference for sweeter-tasting salads.
The other available salad (side dish 2) had been prepared with only two components: butterhead lettuce and mixed lettuce.
A sign says, "Our butterhead lettuce is picked and sold within one day.
e couple's runners-up award for their Butterhead lettuce delighted them.
Pseudomonas cichorii as the causal agent of midrib rot, an emerging disease of greenhouseugrown butterhead lettuce in Flanders.
sea salt, and 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil Rinse and dry 5 loosely packed cups arugula and 6 loosely packed cups red butterhead lettuce (about 1/2 head).
BUTTERHEAD LETTUCE (for summer cropping): 'Fatima', dense hearts, medium to pale green, from Thompson and Morgan; 'Sunny', pale green, well filled hearts, from Medwyn's of Anglesey.
Salad Green Calories Vitamin A Vitamin C (IU) (mg) Arugula (rocket, roquette) 5 480 3 Butterhead lettuce (Boston, Bibb) 7 534 4 Cabbage, red 19 28 40 Chicory 41 7,200 43 Endive 8 1,025 3 Fennel 27 117 10 Iceberg lettuce 7 182 2 Leaf lettuce 10 1,064 10 Romaine lettuce 8 1,456 13 Spinach 7 2,015 8 Watercress 4 1,598 15 Salad Green Potassium Calcium (mg) (mg) Arugula (rocket, roquette) 74 32 Butterhead lettuce (Boston, Bibb) 141 18 Cabbage, red 144 36 Chicory 756 180 Endive 157 26 Fennel 360 43 Iceberg lettuce 87 10 Leaf lettuce 148 38 Romaine lettuce 162 20 Spinach 167 30 * Watercress 112 41 mg = milligrams; IU = International Units * Much of the calcium is not available to the body to use.
The texture of butterhead lettuce keeps this salad light and delicate.
You can also brighten up your vegetable plot by growing some of the new, richly coloured salad crops, including the butterhead lettuce, Mira (Unwins).
For an edible surprise, pot up a dwarf citrus or cool-season greens such as arugula or butterhead lettuce.