butterhead lettuce

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lettuce with relatively soft leaves in a loose head

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Goh showed me photos of butterhead lettuce to illustrate his point.
A Butterhead lettuce mousse with mustard was a delicious study in how a bit of creativity can elevate what is usually a humble, overlooked ingredient into haute cuisine, as does the crispy hen's egg with morels.
About 32 medium-sized asparagus spears 32 raw shrimp, deveined, with head and shells removed 3 tbsp olive oil 1 large butterhead lettuce, washed and torn into pieces 2/3 cup Honey-Saffron Dressing (instructions at right) 2 scallions, green tops only, chopped, or chives Coarse sea salt Freshly ground black pepper Honey-Saffron Dressing 2 tbsp white wine vinegar 2 tbsp honey Pinch of saffron 6 tbsp olive oil Trim the asparagus to about 6 inches long, and steam or simmer for 8 minutes or until just tender.
Here, bbq chicken is piled on top of tender butterhead lettuce, corn, fried tortilla, avocado cubes and smoky chipotle chilli dressing.
"This Garden Babies butterhead lettuce always emerges pristine, like some produce manager from Whole Foods misted it in the middle of the night." Renee's Garden seeds, $2.73; renees garden.com
Lombardy, Italy 2005 For the monkfish loin: Caul fat, as needed 8 slices prosciutto 2 8-ounce pieces monkfish loins 1/3 cup olive oil 1 ounce butter 1 sprig thyme Salt and freshly ground white pepper to taste For the vegetables: 1/2 ounce butter 3 shallots, pooled and thinly sliced 12 ounces morel mushrooms 1 cup chicken stock 1 cup heavy cream 1 sprig thyme 12 butterhead lettuce leaves, quartered Salt and freshly ground while pepper to taste To serve: 1 quart syrah, reduced to 1 cup
Other seeds, notably varieties of Butterhead lettuce refuse to germinate in temperatures above 20C(68F).
Farm boxes include heirloom tomatoes, butterhead lettuce, fresh herbs, seasonal fruits, flowers and lots of other vegetables.
The salad consisted of several sorts of vegetables (butterhead lettuce, mixed lettuce, red cabbage, white cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, and celery).
A sign says, "Our butterhead lettuce is picked and sold within one day.
2 tbsp soy sauce 2 tbsp honey 2 tbsp brown sugar Pinch cinnamon Pinch five-spice powder 4 thin-cut pork loin steaks 1 carrot, sliced into matchsticks 1 lime, juiced Pinch golden caster sugar 1 tbsp rapeseed oil 1/2 cucumber, cut into matchsticks 16 soft lettuce leaves (we used Butterhead lettuce) Sweet chilli sauce, to serve 20 COOK: PLUS
Whilst lightly-dressed gems or butterhead lettuce would be perfect, a good green vegetable such as asparagus, broccoli or runner beans would fit the bill very well, too.
Pseudomonas cichorii as the causal agent of midrib rot, an emerging disease of greenhouseugrown butterhead lettuce in Flanders.
Garlic spare ribs (you've just got to suck them) and nests of Imperial Jewels (chopped vegetables fried with mustard greens, on butterhead lettuce wraps) completed the appetizing gems.