Asclepias tuberosa

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erect perennial of eastern and southern United States having showy orange flowers

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Archie [Enclosed] Butterflyweed The butterfly that named the weed rested there, Monarch, scrolled, medallioned-- his wings lifted close in pale underwing salute occasionally would with tense evenness open down hinged coffers of color lawned against the sun: fixed on that I glimpsed earth and weed drop, undulate, and float away: the anchor's dream.
Whether it's the influence of your saying it was 'made to order' I don't know, but I don't feel convinced by Butterflyweed, i.e.
Other forbs included Apocynum cannabinum (Indian hemp), Asclepias tuberosa (butterflyweed), Baptisia tinctoria (wild indigo), Lespedeza capitata (bush clover), L.
Here are a few suggestions: Ladybells, snapdragon, columbine, butterflyweed, beebalm, false indigo, butterflybush, dianthus, foxglove, daylily, coralbell, heucherella, hibiscus, hosta, lobelia, maltese cross, catnip, catmint, beardstongue, phlox, obedient plant, willow, salvia, veronica, honeysuckle, and clematis.
interior Woodson; Butterflyweed; Roadside field; Rare, two plants; C = 4; BSUH 17370.