butterfly valve

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a valve in a carburetor that consists of a disc that turns and acts as a throttle

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The pioneering solution, called oblique cone technology or OCT(r), improves the performance of a certain type of industrial valve known as "butterfly valves".
Segmentation of the global butterfly valve market by end-user
Analysis Model: Butterfly Valve. Figure 1 shows the external appearance of the industrial butterfly valve considered in the present study, which is drawn using a commercial 3D modeling package, Solidworks.
Combines a bubble-tight, all polymeric seating without springs, back up seals or other sealing enhancements with high performance butterfly valve design advantages
Garlock makes butterfly valves lined with Teflon NXT in sizes from 2 to 42 inches (50 to 1067mm).
In brief, the butterfly valve in the irrigation pipe is connected to the metal plate or lever outside the pipe.
The acquisition rounded out Rodney Hunt Co's line of valve products to include Rotovalve cone valves, Streamseal circular and rectangular butterfly valves, and Howell-Bunger fixed cone valves for energy dissipation.
Energy saving company NF Energy Saving Corporation (NASDAQ:NFEC) reported on Friday the launch of a USD800,000 sales contract to provide the DN3400 butterfly valve flow control system to one local water conservancy project in Xinjiang Autonomous Region, in western China.
Butterfly Valve. Figure 1 shows the configuration of the butterfly valve, which is used in a nuclear power plant to control cooling waters in the primary coolant loop preventing boiling within the reactor.
Therefore, either solenoid valves (small volume) or a pneumatic ball or butterfly valve (large diameter) are ideal.
'Standard' pinch valves are known to fail open, but this system overcomes this problem while maintaining all the benefits of using a pinch valve in this application instead of a butterfly valve. Previously standard type pinch valves have failed open, but using the unique RGS solenoid valve on the system the pinch valve will fail closed.
Company offers an inflatable seated butterfly valve with a highly polished 316 stainless steel housing and disc.